Tuesday 14 June 2016

Some Class Updates!

Dear Parents


We have been doing great in 2B Alhumdulilah!

Reading/Writing:  Students learned how to summarize a story by using a graphic organizer "SWBST" which is an acronym for S- Someone, W- Wanted, B-But, S-So, T-Then.

Writing: We went over the writing process in which we learned to write a draft, review and edit our work when writing. 

Students went through the writing process when preparing their ads for the Ice Cream Shop project.Students wrote a persuasive piece of writing where they made a poster advertisement of their Ice cream shop persuading people to buy ice cream from their shop :)

Spelling Bee Winners:We had our fourth spelling bee in the class, Alhumdulilah! It was a tough competition again and all the participants did an excellent job, MashaAllah. The winners of our 4th spelling bee were:

Science:    Students wrote a quiz on Air and Water in the Environment. We also learned about movement and how simple machines help us to get work done easily by using less force.

Math/ Fraction Fun: We completed our unit on fractions where students learned that fractions are a part of a whole or part of a set. We also learned that fractions are everywhere around us and how we use fractions all the time in real life! We had lots of fraction fun!  We used play dough to learn fractions of a set, we learned fatayer fractions and Fruit Loops fractions, we made ice cream sundae  fractions and more!

ICE CREAM SHOP FRACTION PROJECT: THe grade 2B students worked hard to complete their ice cream shop projects. We talked about different ice cream stores and their names. Before starting the project,  we went to conduct a survey in 4A to find out about favourite ice cream flavours. The survey helped students use those favourite flavours in the menu of their ice cream shops. Then, we started our own ice cream shop projects.

Each student was expected to come up with a store name, make an advertisement persuading people to buy their ice cream , make ice cream fractions in a cd case to display  and make a menu with the prices. (The project included media literacy, writing, math, art, and  health )

Students designed their ice cream shop advertisement, and wrote the menu . Then they made their ice cream in a cd case using  different coloured clay and then wrote fractions of the ice cream sundae to use as a display for the shop.Their work was amazingly creative masha'Allah !

Once students finished the advertisement for their shop , and the menu with prices and the ice cream fraction craft, the grade 4s came to order the ice cream from their shop. First, each student got 2 customers who looked at their ice cream ad, the menu and the cd case display of ice cream sundae. Then, the grade 4s ordered the ice cream in fractions.The next day, the grade 3As came to order ice cream sundaes and enjoyed the work done by grade 2B. 

Lastly, the grade 2Bs sold ice cream sundaes according to the pre orders taken from the grade 4s and grade 3As. The purpose of selling real ice cream was to learn how fractions are used in real life and also to raise money to buy dates to break the fasts of people in Ramadan. Alhumdulilah it was a great learning experience for the students as well as for me.
May Allah accept from all the students who participated in this activity, the parents, and the teachers who supported us!

Biography Project:We are working on Biography Project in the class. 

Jazakum Allahu Khairun!