Saturday, 30 January 2016

Last Week's Update!

Assalamu Alaikum,

We are working hard in 2B and had a wonderful week, Alhamdulillah!

Spelling: On Monday, students wrote their spelling quiz on lesson 17 (words ending with LE) and then we completed lesson 18 where we reviewed spelling rules from lessons 13-17.

Reading:  On Wednesday, sister Madlein came and she read an interesting book called "Silent Music" a story of Baghdad to our class. After the read aloud, students answered comprehension questions about the book.
Guided Reading:On Thursday, we had our guided reading session. Tr. Hajer, the reading coordinator came and took one group with her to the library for reading intervention. While I worked with one reading group, the rest of the students read in their reading groups on assigned tasks.

Writing: Since at Abraar school, this month's character trait is about Honesty, we read a chapter called "I am Muslim, I am Honest," from our Islamic Studies textbook. First, we took turns sharing how we can be honest. Then, each student made a flap book and wrote down how can they show honesty "AT SCHOOL," "AT HOME," and "TO OTHERS." They all did a great job!

Media Literacy:On Tuesday, students learned what media is and what media literacy is all about.They learned about the 3 different types of media and completed a booklet about media literacy where they answered the purpose behind each media.


Last week we learned about perimeter and how to measure the perimeter of different shapes (2D and 3D) through lots of different fun, hands-on activities. Students also did a penny click activity in the gym where they had to flick a penny to measure the distance the penny can go. They had a lot of fun, Alhamdulliah! 

Students also spent some time reviewing measurement through games during math centre time.

Science:  We learned about metamorphosis, and with this we finished our unit on "Growth and Changes in Animals." Students took their science folders home to study for the unit test.

Islamic Studies: We are learning " SEERAH." Seerah is the study of the life of our beloved Prophet.Mohammad (SAW).

Health:Students wrote a pop quiz on healthy eating.

Art:In Art, students made "Perimeter Pets."

  • Spelling quiz on lessons 13-17 is on Monday.
  • Students took home their spelling workbooks on Monday to practice for their quiz.
  • Bring 4 interesting health facts about your favourite fruit/vegetable on Monday.
  • Please sign and return your child's math quizzes.
  • Homework pack is due on Thursday. 
  • Students have a Science test on Thursday.The information has been sent on Wednesday through email.

 Have a great weekend in shaa'Allah!

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Last Week's Class News

Assalamu Alaikum,

We had a fabulous week, Alhamdulillah!

Spelling: Students wrote their spelling quiz on lesson 16 (Y as a Vowel), and we completed lesson 17 where we learned words that end in "LE".

Reading: Sr. Madlien joined us and read a great book called "A Tower of Giraffes." The book is about animal bunches. Students completed a fun word puzzle about animal bunches, and we got to learn some great new vocabulary about animal bunches.
Writing:  On Tuesday, since we are learning about fish, I read an informative book called "Great White Sharks." We learned interesting facts about great white sharks. Then, each student wrote an informative piece about great white sharks. They  all did a great job!
                                               Image result for great white sharks michael molnar

Math:  Last Monday,we started our new unit on  "LINEAR MEASUREMENT." We learned that we can measure different objects using nonstandard units (pencil, paper clip, hand width, straw...etc).

Students wrote the definitions of HEIGHT and LENGTH in their math journals, then they drew things that are shorter or longer.They also completed page 41 and 43 in their math books. Moreover, students measured their shoe print using 3 different nonstandard units.

On Tuesday, students chose a partner and  measured him/her's height using a string. On Wednesday, we completed another engaging activity and watched the first half of an audio story called "How Big is a Foot?," where a king wanted to give his queen a bed as a gift. Students worked in groups to make beds for the queen that were 6 feet long and 3 feet wide (measurements from the story) only to find that the beds were different sizes since our feet are different sizes. We finished watching the video and learned that using STANDARD UNITS would have been much easier! 


On Friday, first we reviewed measuring with non-standard units by making wiggly worms and snowmen of different sizes out of play dough. Then, we learned how to use a ruler using cm as a standard unit of measurement. We wrote the definition of CENTIMETRES and drew 1cm and 10cm lines with our rulers. We also completed a worksheet where we measured the length of different sizes of laces.


Islamic Studies: We started a new unit called " SEERAH." Students took turns reading about "THE YEAR OF ELEPHANT" and then we discussed it as a class. In the next class we will talk about the importance of the YEAR OF ELEPHANT in Islam.

Gym: We went with the 2As to the gym for Jungle Sport fun, and had a great time Alhamdulilah!

Social Studies: Students wrote a pop quiz where they labeled a map with the continents and oceans, and then answered questions about the continents and oceans.

Science:  We reviewed what we know about fish and their characteristics. Students then wrote five special things about fish independently.

MARSHMALLOW SNOWMAN:We made marshmallow snowmen by using marshmallow, coloured icing and pop sticks. Afterwards we ate them..... Yum!!


  • Spelling quiz on lesson 17 (words that end in LE) is on Monday.
  • Please sign your child's agenda.
  • Homework pack is due on Thursday. 
  • Students took home their Islamic Studies quiz. Please sign and return it on Monday.

I hope you have a great weekend insha'Allah!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Tr. Hoda's Arabic Class

Tr. Hoda's Arabic Class

Assalamu Alaikum,

Here is an update on what we are learning in Arabic class:

- Students learned how yo use "هذا" with the words in the lesson " الملابس"
- They learned to balance between " فتحة" and " مد الالف"
- Students are reviewing the words taken in the unit ( reading and writing).
- Masha'Allah grade 2 students are practicing how to introduce themselves in Arabic through an activity where the class are divided into groups of 2.
- Insha'Alalh some papers will be sent home shortly to help students study and review at home for the upcoming test next week.

T. Hoda Harb 
grade 2  Arabic Class 

Message From Tr. Said ( Fremch)

Assalam alaikoum,

 Dear parents, I hope my email finds you in good health and Eman.
 Gr.2 will have a French  test  on Friday,January 29 , 2016



Sunday, 17 January 2016

Class Updates and Reminders!

Assalamu Alaikum,

We had a great week Alhumdulilah!

Reading/ Writing:Students sat on the carpet and we talked about the author's purpose (to persuade, to inform or to entertain)Then, students listened to a book called "I wanna Iguana" and brainstormed as a class how to persuade their parents to have a pet.

Students completed a worksheet where they chose a pet and wrote reasons why this pet is good and how they would take care of it. The next day, we talked about different parts of a friendly letter. Each student wrote a letter to his/her parents convincing them to get a pet. They used the drafts they'd made the day before.Students did a great job MashaAllah!

Math: Students practiced fact families and then had a pop quiz on it. They also made a rocketship fact family craft to show what they know about fact families. 

Math Centers Fun:We played addition games during our math centres time.

Health:Students worked in their groups to work on a healthy eating activity called " Mixed Dishes".For each picture of mixed dish(combination food"), students identified food from the  four food groups and those that do not fit.

Art:After reading and writing about the book called " Snowmen At Night" students made their snowman at night using white and coloured chalk. They also learned how to make shadows for snowmen at night. They all did an amazing job, MashaAllah!


Islamic Studies: We sat on the carpet and Issra started to read a chapter about Dua  from I love Islam textbook.

Save Fredy:On Friday, students took part in a team building activity called "Save Fredy! Fredy is a gummy worm who was on his boat (a cup) when it started to sink.  Fortunately, Fredy had a life preserver (gummy Lifesaver) in his boat!  Unfortunately, it was still in the boat (under the cup).  The goal was to get Fredy into the Lifesaver without touching him, the boat, or the life preserver with your hands.  Each person in the group got a paper clip, to save Fredy. They all had a blast with this activity:) Here are some picture:

Quran Homework: 

Please study Surat Al-Aala Ayah 16-19 for the test on Jan 21st,2016


  • Students have a weekly spelling quiz on Monday, Jan 11th, 2016 (Lesson 16).
  • Students took their spelling books home to practice for the weekly spelling quiz on lesson 16..
  • Please sign and return jungle sport permission slip by Friday, if you want your child to take part in this activity.
  • Homework pack is due next Thursday, Jan 22nd, 2016.
  • Grade 2A and 2B are going to attend jungle sport activities on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Please send your child in comfortable gym clothing (no skinny jeans and shorts)     
Have a great Sunday!