Tuesday 6 June 2017

Class Updates!

Assalamu Alaikum,
Dear Parents,

Here are some updates about what we have done so far:

Chocolate Fever Novel Study: We have finished our novel study on the book "Is there any cure for Chocolate Fever." On Thursday, May 18th, we had a good-bye party for the completion of the novel. We watched the audio version of the story and had yummy chocolatey food while socializing with our friends.
Throughout this unit, students practiced several reading strategies to comprehend the story in depth. They completed activities for each chapter, such as comprehension questions, summarizing story elements, vocabulary activities, and compare contrast Venn diagrams. Furthermore, students wrote down the main idea and summary for each chapter, while making connections. Lastly, they completed a book report as a concluding task. Studying a novel as a class was a rich experience for all of us, Alhumdulilah! 


Math/ Fraction Fun: We completed our unit on fractions where students learned that fractions are a part of a whole or part of a set. We also learned that fractions are everywhere around us and how we use fractions all the time in real life! We had lots of fun with fractions!  


Just like last year, the ice cream project to collect money for dates is back!
The grade 2B students worked hard to complete their ice cream shop projects. We talked about different ice cream stores and their names. Before starting the project,  we went to conduct a survey in 2A to find out about their favourite ice cream flavors. The survey helped students use popular flavours in the menu of their ice cream shops. Then, we started our own ice cream shop projects.

Each student was expected to come up with a store name, make an advertisement persuading people to buy their ice cream, and make a menu with the prices (The project included media literacy, writing, math, art, and health ).

Once students finished advertisements and a menu (with prices) for their shop, the grade 2As came to order ice cream from their shop. First, each student got a customer who looked at their ice cream ad and menu. Then, the grade 2As ordered the ice cream using fractions. Next, the grade 2Bs went to 2A to place an order for ice cream sundaes and enjoyed the work done by grade 2A. Alhamdulillah, both classes enjoyed this collaboration!


Lastly, the grade 2s sold ice cream sundaes according to the pre-orders taken from each other. The purpose of selling real ice cream was to learn how fractions are used in real life and also to raise money to buy dates which will be provided to a local mosque to break the fasts of people in Ramadan. Alhumdulilah it was a great learning experience for the students as well as for me.

May Allah accept from all the students who participated in this activity, the parents, and the teachers who supported us! 

Islamic Studies: Tr. Dina, the Islamic Studies coordinator, joined us with grade 5B, and students worked in groups to put the story of Prophet Nuh (SAW) in the right sequence. We discussed some of the lessons we learned from the story, and students made a craft of the ark of Prophet Nuh (SAW).



Jazakum allahu Khairun!