Wednesday, 30 January 2013

News reporter

AssalamuAlykom Parents, 

Last term I had asked some students to present the news on different occasions, thus making them familiar with the concept. This term we have agreed that each week we will have two students presenting segments of the news. 

News reporters shall present for 3-5 minutes on anything that happened. They can read it in the newspaper, look it up on the internet, watch it on TV or even listen to it on the radio. I ask you to kindly pick age appropriate news with them (no crime, violence ..etc). It can be local or international news (I will explain to them the difference). They do not have to have anything written, although writing notes will help them in their presentation, and will encourage them to be 'note takers'. 

Here is the schedule: 

Abdullah M .Khan 4-Feb
Adnan Kazi 6-Feb
Alishba Rahmatllah 11-Feb
Anas Faisal 13-Feb
Anes Amri 18-Feb
Fahad Aba0Alkhail 21-Feb
Fatima Mustafa Omar 25-Feb
Hana Ahmed 28-Feb
Hanya Abid Khawaja 4-Mar
Layan Alkibsi 6-Mar
Nour Mohamed Salama  18-Mar
Maysaa Mohamad Rawbe 20-Mar
Muawiz Rehman 25-Mar
Muhammed Imran 27-Mar
Nadiene Saadawi 1-Apr
Nawaf Fahad AlKherayf 3-Apr
Noor Mohamed Elshanawany 8-Apr
Nourideen Bassam Kandar 10-Apr
Sarah Filali 15-Apr
Sondus Sassi 17-Apr
Sumaiya M.lokman 22-Apr
Zaineb BenHmida 24-Apr

Math Test

End of Unit Math Test on Monday!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Week's Preview

AssalamuAlykom Dear Parents, 

Please see week's preview:

Word Problems subtraction and addition 
Math test next week

Plural and singular nouns
countable and uncountable nouns \
writing workshop (Story Elements, beginning, middle, and end) 
Spelling Blends with I&R

Water Cycles experiment 

Islamic Studies:
Seerah continued 

Personal Hygiene 


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

No Swimming tomorrow

No swimming tomorrow due to low temperature!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Week's Preview

AssalamuAlykom Dear Parents! 

The following is a preview of what we will be learning in 2B: 

- Action Verbs
- Being Verbs 
- Spelling review Lessons 7-11

 - Adding 10s and other startigies
- Word Problems 

- Water Cycle Experiment 

Social Studies: 
- Countries of the world 
- Make your own country 

Islamic Studies: 
- The Prophet as a husband and father
- Characteristics of the prophet: You Must Know this Man 
- Our mother Khadija 

- How to paint a background 

- Being proactive! 

 ** Swimming this Week on Thursday inshallah! 
*** Please email me any questions regarding Science Project 
**** Coming up: Information regarding news reporter, book contest, spelling bee, and more!  

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Quran Competetion

January 15, 2013.

Dear parents and guardians,

Assalamu Allikum

This is a reminder of the deadline for participating in the Abraar Fourth Annual Quran Competition which is approaching soon Insha Allah (31st January 2013).

Also, for the students who have submitted registration slips for the competition, please be advised that the first round of the competition will start at the beginning of February and will last until the beginning of March, so be prepared for this round according to the following dates:

Week 1 (Feb. 4 to Feb.8 )                  JK, SK and Grade 1.
Week 2 (Feb.11. to Feb. 14)              Grades 2 and 3.
Week 3 (Feb. Feb. 22)              Grades 4 and 5 .
Week 4 (Feb. 25. to Mar.1)               Grades 6, 7 and 8.

Lastly, Jazakum Allah Khairan to the parents who made contributions towards the Quran
competition and we are still waiting for your generous donations as we are about $1500 away from our target.

Wassalamu Allikum

Samia Tarbah
Quran Teacher

cc: Dr. Mohammed Saleem, Principal

Tr. Salam

اللغة العربية :
املاء اختباري الجمعة (18-1) ان شاء الله في :     (التعرف على الكتابة الصحيحة لحرفي العين و الغين)
أنواع  -  العصر  -  دعت  -  جمع   -  غادر  -  بليغ  -  فرغ  -  رغد .
الاملاء الاختباري تعني : أن تملى على الطالب الكلمة المطلوبة ، و عليه كتابتها غيبا ،  دون أن تعرض عليه في بطابقة ، كما في الاملاء المنظور

Monday, 14 January 2013

Science Project

Grade 2B Science Project Guidelines
Project Due date January 30th & 31st
Science Unit: Air and Water

Project Objective: To expose students to the various ways human beings depend on the environments surrounding them, and to understand how human contribute to the destruction of these environments through pollution. Students should be able to come up with creative ways to prevent pollution. Finally, students learn how air and water are an ‘amana’ (trust) from Allah, and as such must be protected.

Project Directions: 
Create a pamphlet that will raise awareness about one of the following:
-          Air Pollution and its solutions
-          Water Pollution and its solutions
-          Water wasting and water conservation  

Pamphlet must include:
-           Author’s name (Student’s name)
-          A title
-          Purpose of the pamphlet
-          Illustrations and drawings
-          At least 3 ways Water or Air is being polluted, or 3 ways water is being wasted 
-          At least 3 ways Water or Air can be protected from pollution (Prevention measures and Solutions) or 3 ways water can be conserved

Presentation Schedule:

Abdullah M .Khan
Adnan Kazi
Alishba Rahmatllah
Anas Faisal
Anes Amri
Fahad AbaAlkhail
Fatima Mustafa Omar
Hana Ahmed
Hanya Abid Khawaja
Layan Alkibsi
Nour Mohamed Salama
Maysaa Mohamad Rawbe
Muawiz Rehman
Muhammed Imran
Nadiene Saadawi
Nawaf Fahad AlKherayf
Noor Mohamed Elshanawany
31 Jan
Nourideen Bassam Kandar
Sarah Filali
Sondus Sassi
Sumaiya M.lokman
Zaineb BenHmida