Monday 21 January 2013

Week's Preview

AssalamuAlykom Dear Parents! 

The following is a preview of what we will be learning in 2B: 

- Action Verbs
- Being Verbs 
- Spelling review Lessons 7-11

 - Adding 10s and other startigies
- Word Problems 

- Water Cycle Experiment 

Social Studies: 
- Countries of the world 
- Make your own country 

Islamic Studies: 
- The Prophet as a husband and father
- Characteristics of the prophet: You Must Know this Man 
- Our mother Khadija 

- How to paint a background 

- Being proactive! 

 ** Swimming this Week on Thursday inshallah! 
*** Please email me any questions regarding Science Project 
**** Coming up: Information regarding news reporter, book contest, spelling bee, and more!