Monday, 15 April 2013

News Reporter Sched Updated

AssalamuAlykom Parents, 

Last term I had asked some students to present the news on different occasions, thus making them familiar with the concept. This term we have agreed that each week we will have two students presenting segments of the news. 

News reporters shall present for 3-5 minutes on anything that happened. They can read it in the newspaper, look it up on the internet, watch it on TV or even listen to it on the radio. I ask you to kindly pick age appropriate news with them (no crime, violence ..etc). It can be local or international news (I will explain to them the difference). They do not have to have anything written, although writing notes will help them in their presentation, and will encourage them to be 'note takers'. 

Here is the schedule: 

Nadiene Saadawi 17-Apr
Nawaf Fahad AlKherayf 15-Apr

Nourideen Bassam Kandar 18-Apr
Sarah Filali 22-Apr
Sondus Sassi 24-Apr
Sumaiya M.lokman 29-Apr
Zaineb BenHmida 1st May