Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Book Reports Guidlines!

AssalamuAlykom Dear Busy Bees! 

Inshallah we will be using Bookflix now for our book reports. These will be at least twice a week. You are required to present a page of 3 paragraphs on the given book.

Please write the following on the sheet of paper:
- Your name
- Date
- Book Report #1
- Book Title 
- 3 Paragraphs 

Paragraph #1: A summary of the book. If you want to tell this story or book in a few sentences what would you say? What is this book about?Who are the characters? What is the Setting? is there a main idea? 

Paragraph #2: Here you will write the problem and solution that was in the story 

Paragraph #3: What did you think of the book? Did you like it? Why or Why not? What did it remind you of? What did it teach you?

Instructions to use bookflix 

  1. Abraarschool website -----> Library page ------> Scholastic Learning Zone 
  2. Put in username and password (everyone has the same password its: bookflix4) remember usrenames are your first name and the first letter of your last name. There are no spaces. You should write the first letter in your name in Capital. For example my user name is MozynahN.
  3. Search by title or theme for your book. You can chose to have it read to you, you can watch it or read it yourself. You may also enjoy the puzzlers and meet the author section.
Good luck busy bees!