Friday, 10 January 2014

Classwork and homework

Assalamu Alaykom wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh,

Our first week after the winter break was really good Alhamdulillah.

Math: we've finished the addition and subtraction unit alhamdulillah. We have started Unit 3. In this unit, your child will be learning about time, temperature, and money.
The learning goals for this unit are to:

  • Name and order months and seasons of the year.
  • Use ordinals first to thirsty-first.
  • Tell time to the quarter-hour on analog and digital clocks.
  • Count and create money amounts up to $1.00. (We have already started counting money in the previous unit)
Reading: We are still doing the Long Ago and Far Away unit. We have been reading comics. Students have learnt that a comic's components are: pictures, speech balloons, and thought balloons. 
Starting from this Friday we will have reading buddies in shallah. Every student from Grade 2B will be paired up with one student from grade 6B for whom he/she will read for up to 20 minutes. The session will in shallah take place on the same day and at the same time each week. A reading buddy takes an interest in the child and works with them so that they can develop a good relationship. Reading buddies are role models, their ultimate aim being to develop within the children a love of reading, increase the children’s confidence and self esteem and to leave the children with a real sense of achievement.

Writing: We practiced writing comics in small groups of four.
We have also written healthy breakfast menus and restaurant menus (Health.)

Spelling: our words for this week are: those, low, goat, own, coat, go, hope, sold, over, and ago.

Science: where water comes from and where tap water comes from.

Social Studies: we have been doing our communities oral presentations. Mashallah most of the students did very good and interesting presentations.

Islamic Studies: we have been talking about the Sunnah prayers, Thikr after Salah, and The name of Allah Al-Muhsi.

Jazakom Allah khairan and have a wonderful weekend in shallah.
Tr. Hajer