Saturday, 29 November 2014

Friday's classwork and Homework


Dear Parents

Math: We completed page 127 in our Math books where students conducted a survey and showed the results using a tally chart and a bar graph.

Islamic Studies: We are learning about wudu. We took turns to read a story in our Islamic textbook about Ziad learning wudu. Then, we participated in answering questions about the importance of wudu and things that nullifies our wudu.

Art: We started making a flip book with the steps of wudu..

Class Dojo: This month the students who earned the most dojo points were
                   Hana, Ibrahim, Palwasha and Sarah, MashaAllah.

Last month's winners were: Momin, Mu'minah, Saleh and Sultan.

We had an ice cream party and we watched a movie! We had a fabulous time alhamdulilah!

  • Spelling quiz on Monday, the words are: those, low, goat, own, coat, go, hope, sold, over, ago
  • Next Tuesday, 12/02/2014 is toonie Tuesday.
  • Scholastic book fair on December 3rd and December 5th.
  • If you are still interested in ordering the mitten clips, send your order  in on Monday.
Have a wonderful weekend inshaAllah!