Sunday, 13 November 2016

Class Updates and Reminders!

Assalamu Alaikum,
Dear Parents,

We had a great week, Alhamdululilah! Here are some updates:

Spelling: Students did their spelling quiz on lesson 7 (long vowel a). Then, we completed exercises containing words with "long vowel i" in lesson 8. Those who didn't finish took their spelling books home.

Reading:Students learned "Author's Purpose!" It means an author writes for three purposes and it is as easy as PIE (P- to persuade,  I- to inform, E- to entertain). Students took turns and gave examples of each Author's Purpose which were recorded on chart paper.

Grammar: Students solidified their understanding of types of sentences by playing a game called "Jeopardy." Students were engaged and had lots of fun.had an opportunity to review the types of sentences and correct punctuation through this collaborative learning activity. Students also wrote a pop quiz on types of sentences.


Math: On Monday, students made a bar graph booklet. First, we brainstormed different topics that can be surveyed as a class. Then, each student chose a topic and wrote down a survey question in their booklet with answer choices. Then, they surveyed 10 students in the class. Next, each student made a tally chart based on the data collected from the classmates in their bar graph booklet. Finally, they showed the result by creating a bar graph using TAILS.

The next day, students worked in groups to create/construct a bar graph about the colours of froot loops. Each group was given a cup filled with Froot Loops cereal. Their job was to sort all the colours      of Froot Loops, then count each colourAfterwards, they used the collected data to create a bar graph and to write questions to share and compare the data about the cereal with the class. Two groups had a chance to present their bar graph to the class. On Wednesday, students interpreted the information from the poster of a basketball game to write a survey question. Then, they made a tally chart and showed results in a bar graph using TAILS. The 2Bs are becoming experts in their graphing skills, MashaAllah!
On Thursday, students were introduced to "Pictographs." They wrote the definition and labeled the parts of a pictograph in their math journals. They  also completed some worksheets on a pictograph.

Islamic Studies: We learned what a "Shining Treasure" is. Students learned that the Quran and Hadeeth are shining treasures for Muslims and that we should follow the teachings of these two treasures to be a good human and good Muslim.

Writing: Students learned more about the "I" part of Author's Purpose "PIE". They learned that an author or writer writes "How To" writing to tell/inform the reader how to do something.  "How to" writing is also called procedural writing.

Thursday Tooth Fun: We did all the learning related to cleanliness of teeth on Thursday. We made a pictograph about how many teeth have been lost so far among girls/ boys in our class. We carried out a survey, collected the data and created a pictograph using an appropriate key. The survey result showed that boys lost more teeth than girls in our class. 

During language time, a community helper (Aamina as a dentist) came to our class. She talked about why it's important to clean our teeth regularly twice a day and how to brush teeth. Students took turns demonstrating how to brush teeth on a teeth model. They had a blast, Alhumdulilah! 


Then, it was time to do 'how to writing' about brushing teeth. First, students learned that in how to writing we use transition words, and the instructions to do something should be in order. Then, students completed a sequencing activity about how to brush your teeth in groups. Lastly, students completed a guided writing activity on how to brush teeth independently. The little dentist also brought toothbrushes for each student to take home. Jazak Allah Khair to Aamina's mom (who is a dentist) for helping to make learning fun and memorable for all students.

Islamic Studies/Writing/Art Project: After talking about the cleanliness of the body, students were learned about Wudu(Cleanliness of body and heart). They watched two educational videos about steps of wudu, students reviewed wudu by taking turns to show the steps of wudu in proper order. Then they started to work on an in-class Islamic Studies project about Wudu. It is a wudu lap book where students will be working on a how to make wudu step book, a wudu puzzle, a flower foldable that shows things that nullifies wudu, a wudu word search, and what the Quran says about wudu. They all are enjoying and doing a great job on their lap book, Masha Allah! Stay tuned for the pictures :)

Gym: We played "Porcupine Relay Race" in our gym time and had lots of fun!

  • ·        Spelling test on "lesson 8"  will be on Tuesday, in shaa Allah. The list words are:
  •         Wide, mile, line, hide, fire, nice, fine, mind, find and behind. 
  •          Bonus Words: Pictograph, wudu, salah.
  • ·        Students will have a test on Bar graphs and Pictograph on Nov17th, 2016. Practice sheets for the test are included in the homework pack.
  • ·        Homework pack is due on Monday,November 21st, 2016.
  • ·        Encourage your child to read on Razkids every day for twenty minutes.