Thursday, 5 March 2015


Dear Parents


Today we had a great day alhamdulilah!

Writing: Students completed a worksheet about editing and proofreading.

 Reading:  Students did some independent reading at the end of the day.

Math: Today we continued to work on 2 digit subtraction without regrouping. Students completed  some worksheets about two digit subtraction without re grouping.

Islamic Studies:We completed some more exercises about Seerah in our workbook.

Salah Workshop: Students attended Salah workshop organized by grade 6 students. 

  • Tomorrow is our Class Dojo party insha-Allah. Send a snack with your child to share with the class (cut fruit, veggies, cookies, cut cake..etc) Please make sure you do not send any chips to the party. 
  • Practice the Sunnah with your child.

Have a great evening!