Monday, 23 May 2016

Class Updates- Week of May 9-13

Dear Parents


Some quick updates are:

Grammar:We practiced finding pronouns through different activities.

Reading/Story Elements:Each student chose a book of their choice and wrote story elements of that book.

Math/Division Fun: We learned different strategies to show the quotient of division sentences. Students used equal groups, repeated subtraction, arrays and skip counting to divide. We learned how we can use division  in real life and how to solve division  word problems.
We also integrated language by listening to the audio version of a very famous book, "The Doorbell Rang" where each ring of the doorbell brings more friends together to share some delicious cookies Ma has made.After listening to the book, each student worked on a mini booklet to solve word problems related to cookies. Then, we made actual cookies in the class. Finally we role-played the story by sharing our cookies with 2A. Students from 2A came to our class in groups by knocking the class door and shared cookies with one of the groups in 2B. They all had a great time role playing the story and eating yummy cookies :)

Science:  Students reviewed  the water and wind cycle by completing a practice quiz as a class.

Art: Students learned about horizon line when make a landscape. They made a perspective drawing of a landscape using oil pastels,

Jazakum Allahu Khairun!