Sunday, 8 May 2016

Last Week's Updates and Reminders!

Dear Parents


We had a wonderful week Alhahumdulilah!

Spelling:  Students wrote a quiz for lesson 28 and then marked each other's spelling quizzes.

Grammar:We learned about pronouns and that they take the place of a noun (Personal, Possessive). Students completed a worksheet where they circled pronouns and replaced nouns with pronouns.

Writing:  Students finished working on their autobiographies. During the whole project, students went through the whole writing process (First draft, editing, proofreading, and final copy). They did a great job, MashaAllah!

Islamic Studies: We completed the lesson about our role models, MY HERO. Students learned about different people that we can take as role models in our lives.They also learned that the  meaning of hero in Arabic is "Qudwa".  We also read and discussed  " Taqwa-Allah Sees Me All the Time" as a class.

Math/ Multiplication Fun: We learned different strategies to show the product of multiplication sentences. Students used equal groups, repeated addition, arrays and skip counting to multiply. We learned how we can use multiplication arrays in real life. 

Can you guess how many students are in the picture by looking at the picture of the array above? :)

We used the candy "rockets" to practice equal groups and arrays.

We worked in groups, in pairs, and independently to solve multiplication word problems.

Science:  Students learned about the water and wind cycle and also completed related activities.

Computer Lab/Science: Students practiced what they learned about the water cycle during computer time. They made a Water Cycle using microsoft paint, MashaAllah! 

Library: Tr. Nancy is teaching us how to use a dictionary. She reviewed the 3 parts of the dictionary, the guide words and how they can help us find the word we are looking for. Students were given a list of words to look up in the dictionary.

Reading Comprehension: Sr. Madlien read us an amazing story called "King For a  Day" by Rukhsana Khan. Afterwards, we completed a comprehension worksheet about the story.

Reading/Story Elements:
Last week, we read a mentor text called "Miss Rumphius" to understand story elements in a book. Before, and during reading, we predict, visualize, and made text-self and text-world connections with the story. Then, we discussed as a class the story elements (setting, characters, beginning, middle, and end). Finally, students work independently to write the story elements about "Miss Rumphius" in the form of a mini booklet.

Math/ Language/Arts: After reading a wonderful book called "Miss Rumphius," where the character Miss Rumphius planted lots of Lupine flowers to make the world beautiful. We made our own flower garden and used multiplication to count the numbers of flowers. Please see the amazing work by 2B mathematicians!

Math Centre Fun: Students had a great time practicing how to multiply through different activities during our weekly math centers.

Planting Flowers: The 2Bs planted real flower seeds on Friday to do their part in making the world an even more beautiful place. As well, they will learn how the flowers will multiply into more flowers when they will grow up in a few months.

  • Spelling Bee # 4  will be on May 20th, inshaaAllah Kindly note that all students are expected to learn the spelling bee list. Please make sure that your child is studying the list words for our next spelling bee.
  •  Homework pack is due on Friday.
  • Social Studies Project *Design a World Community Brochure* is due on May 13,2016.
  • Your child took home a book to read at home on the weekend. Please send the book back to class on Monday.
  • Please send your child's picture for their autobiography project.
Jazakum Allahu Khairun!

Have a Great Weekend!