Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Class Updates!

Assaalmu Alaikum Dear Parents,

Here are some class updates:

Spelling: Students completed exercises for lesson 15 and 16. They wrote a quiz for lesson 14 last week and yesterday wrote a spelling quiz for lesson 16 Alhumdulilah. 

Math: Students reviewed and practiced what they learned about time with their math buddies. The grade 4 Math buddies took part in the activity where grade 2Bs were the shoppers and they had to buy an item from their math buddies using the exact amount of money.The activity was enjoyed by all! 
Students also wrote their Time and Money test last week.

We are now working on a new chapter called " Addition and Subtraction Strategies". So far, students were introduced to fact families and different ways to make 10. We will spend quite some time on this Number Sense unit.

Language: We reviewed the author's purpose (to persuade, to inform or to entertain)Then, students listened to a book called "Hey, Little Ant". First, we brainstormed as a class how to persuade the ant bully not to squish the ant. Then, each student wrote a letter to the ant bully persuading him not to squish the little ant. Also, students wrote a journal entry to the prompt " Why Prayer is the Key to Jannah?" where they used a topic sentence and a concluding sentence along with 3 reasons to answer that writing prompt.
We will continue to explore author's purpose "to persuade" this week too.

Telling Time/ Salah Party:

Just like last year, we hosted a Salah Party in 2B Alhumdulilah. Before the party, Students worked in groups to use their knowledge of telling time to an hour and quarter hour by making a schedule for the Salah Party with activities. Tr. Dina Shalabi came (like last year) and picked one game/activity from each group for the Salah Party. She was very impressed by the great work done by all groups, MashaAllahAll students worked hard and prepared the games before the Salah party.
On Friday, students participated in the actual Salah Party where they played games and activities chosen by Tr. Dina from their group work. The activities were: Cup game, Prayer Riddles, Put Hasanaat in the Masjid, Pass the Parcel, Point the Qibla(Being blindfolded they have to point the qibla pointer to the qibla), Prayer Mat craft and the final activity was going to Jumma Prayer and praying on their own Prayer mats, Alhumdulilah. We also enjoyed some yummy snacks during lunch time. The students did an excellent job keeping track of time for each activity and we actually managed to finish all activities according to the schedule planned by grade 2B students. Great Job 2Bs, MashaAllah! 
Last but not least, a big thank you to Sara.S and Mubassir's parents for sending delicious 
cakes for our Salah Party which added a unique and special touch to our event.


Salah Board Game: Students made "My Salah Journey Board Game" and it was a hit like previous years. 

Science/Life Cycles:  In addition to frog life cycle, students learned about the life cycle of a butterfly. They watched an educational video about that topic and then wrote a paragraph about a butterfly's life cycle using transitional words(First, next, then, and last).They also used a topic sentence and a concluding sentence along with their paragraph

Writing/ Media Literacy: Students used the facts they researched about their fruit or vegetable to make an advertisement about healthy eating where they persuaded the readers to eat their fruit or vegetable.They did a great job masha'Allah!

Jazakum Allahu Khairun!