Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Welcome Back and Some Class Updates!

Assaalmu alaikum Dear Parents,

Welcome Back!

Here are some class updates from before winter break and from last week:

Spelling: Students did their spelling quiz on lesson 13. Then, they completed exercises on lesson 14.

Grammar: Students learned the difference between simple sentences and compound sentences. They completed related worksheets and did a journal entry where they wrote 5 compound sentences.

Math: Students reviewed and practiced what they learned about time before and after winter break through different activities. Then, we started to learn about money. Students have been working in pairs and independently to show different ways of showing $1 in coins (The grade 2 curriculum expectation is that students should know how to add different combinations of nickels, dimes and quarters to make a dollar).

Islamic Studies: We have been learning about Salah (Prayer). 

Telling Time/ Salah Party:

Just like last year, we will be hosting a Salah Party again in 2B, Inshallah. Students  worked in groups to use their knowledge of telling time to an hour and quarter hour by making a schedule for the Salah Party with activities. Tr. Dina Shalabi came (like last year) and picked one game/activity from each group for the Salah Party. .She was very impressed by the great work done by all groups, MashaAllah. All students did an awesome job and are looking forward to the Salah Party which will be on Friday inshaaAllah! Stay tuned for the details.

Science/Writing/Art:  Before winter break, we learned about the characteristics of Amphibians. Students also learned about frogs, and their life cycle, as part of our animal study about Amphibians. First, they watched an educational video about frogs and then jotted down important facts about them as a rough draft. Next, they wrote an informative paragraph with at least 3 important facts in complete sentences. Then, they made a life cycle spinning wheel of a frog. Finally, they compiled all the information into a lap book. Some students also wrote a frog poem.:)

After winter break, students learned about the sixth and last category of animals called "Insects". They completed an insect package independently. We have been choosing and researching one animal from each animal category, so we did the same for Insects too. This time we chose "Lightning Bug!'' Do you know which insect has the nickname of ''lightning bug?'' Fireflies! Students completed a writing prompt "If I were a Firefly I would......". They did an awesome job by writing fun, amazing facts about fireflies in a paragraph followed by a glow in the dark firefly craft.