Saturday, 21 September 2013

Math booklet and science project

Dear parents,
The math booklet is meant to be done as a H.W throughout the first term. I just assign the pages already covered in class. Actually page 4 should be done later. I asked them to do pages 6 and 9 and to skip 4 and 7. Sorry if it's mixing you up.
The science project is a pair-work. Students have just to write three facts about 2 animals of their choice and to mention differences and similarities of these animals. They are also asked to draw a picture of each animal.
Anyway the project will be posponed to October 2nd in shallah, since all grade 2 students are going to take the CTBS test between September 24th and September 26th in sha'Allah.
Asslamu alaykom wa rahmatu'Allah wa barakatu
Tr. Hajer