Saturday, 14 September 2013

We did this week

Assalamu Alykum,
Alhamdulillah, our second week at school was a successful one. My kids enjoyed reading stories. We brainstormed LOTS of describing words. We've been talking about strong words and expanding our vocabulary almost everyday. We've read "My Mom is GREAT" and "The Coach". We've also talked about islamic values (al-birr) parents' respect, the importance of team work... We've tried to link some of the texts we've read wih some of the Ahadith of our prophet Muhammed PBUH.
In math we practiced addition and substraction. We focused on counting numbers 0-100 forwards and backwards, recognizing and counting in even and odd numbers. We've also practiced counting backwards and forwards by 2's, 5's and 10's.
I have made a general introduction to Social studies (mapping skills, what's a map, what can we see in a map: water land, continents...)
In science we've watched and discussed 2 videos (Discovery Channel) about animals' classification (Mammals, Amphibians, Birds, Reptiles...)
Just a reminder: I recommend that students work on any unfinished classroom assignments (I asked them to take home all the worksheets we did in class in their pocket folders)
Jazakum Allah khayran
Hajer Ben Abid
Grade 2B teacher