Thursday, 10 October 2013

7/10- 10/10 classroom work

Assalamu Alaykum dear parents,
Alhamdulillah another week's been successful:

We've learnt about what tools and manipulatives are available to us to help us practise our facts (number line, blocks, hundreds charts) and we've also begun to investigate various mental math strategies that will help the children begin to solve number sentences more quickly and accurately (place value, ones and tens, skip counting: by 1's, by 2's, by 5's, by 10's and by 25's)
Inshallah with many practice, we will continue on with the rest of the unit. Please when workbook is home, try to do the home connection with them.

Language Arts:
 We have been practising various comprehension strategies during our read alouds, shared reading and guided reading sessions.  As well, we have constructed success criteria to help students identify areas that they can improve upon to increase their understanding of what they have read.  
These strategies can be reinforced during home-reading time. Here are some “Tips for Parents”:
  1. Do a picture walk (before reading the book, look at all the pictures and predict what will happen). Use your child’s schema to make text-to-self connections.
  2. Predict what the book will be about based on the title and cover illustration.
  3. Read an entire book and predict what would happen next if the story continued. Talk about what your child has read and help them make meaningful connections that result in a better understanding of how a character may have felt or why a character acted in a certain way.
If your child has difficulty with these strategies, it will be helpful to model the strategies yourself. As well, it is important to ask your child why they have made each prediction to ensure the prediction is logical and reasonable. If the prediction does not make sense – talk about it! Oral language is the basis for reading comprehension skills.
In writing the students have been practising using important time sequencing words such as first, then, next and finally to add flow to their writing.  We are also focusing on proper sentence formation and the correct use of capitals and punctuation in our writing.


We have nearly finished our classroom presentations. Most of the students worked hard and did an amazing research. We have also covered the definition of animal's life cycle. Students chose an animal and they drew its life cycle.

Islamic Studies/Social Studies

We did lots of activities about Eid and Hajj. We also attended the Hajj workshop which was very successful Masha'Allah.

Enjoy your holiday,
and Eid Mubarak with many happy returns
Tr. Hajer