Monday, 21 October 2013

Updates from Tr Said; French teacher

Dear Parents,

In French classroom.We learned the numbers 1 to 6 in French: un, deux, trois, quatre,cinq,six.
We learned some parts of the body:les yeux,le nez,la bouche.
We know the names of some colours:bleu,rouge,jaune,vert.
We learned how to introduce oneself and one's friends.
We introduced the play with puppets.
We did the alphabet - A - B ( Avion - Bébé ).
We can sing:
Bonjour mes amis, bonjour...
Comment ça va mon ami, ça va bien merci merci
Ça va mal, je ne veux pas ça,
Mais peut être comme-ci comme ça.

Au revoir mes amis, au revoir.
Au revoir mes amis, au revoir.

Aujourd'hui c'est Lundi.
Aujourd'hui c'est Mardi.
c'est Lundi aujourd.hui.
c'est Mardi aujourd.hui.

   During the past few weeks your child has been actively involved in learning French through the use of gestures. Our story and song for this unit, La poule Maboule, which will eventually be performed as a play, has also been introduced. The story is accompanied by a word list .
   A few minutes spent each week on one or more aspects of the program are very beneficial. This will bring an increased sense of familiarity to a new language for your child .
In the Ontario Core French curriculum, the expectations are organized into 3 strands corresponding to the 3 main areas of language use. These strands are oral communication (listening and speaking), reading and writing. But in JK and SK we are focusing only on listening speaking.
Aim language approach helps students to:
1-      Be able to communicate in authentic situation and to develop spontaneous oral communication through repetition of the vocabulary.
2-      To learn word-meaning relationships through gesture without relying on English translation.
3-      To connect emotionally to the content of their French as a Second Language course through familiar stories.
4-       To develop an awareness of language conventions (syntax and grammar) through gesture.
Please refer to these website for more information regarding Aim Language:

You find in attached the story  .
French teacher .

Jazakoum Allah khairan