Friday, 1 November 2013

Our Work

Assalamu Alaykom dear parents

We had a very good week mashallah!

  • Reading Comprehension: we've been reading fiction texts. Students learned that a fiction text has a beginning a middle and an ending. They also know that a story's map contains characters, a setting, a problem, and a solution for that problem.
  • Grammar: Adjectives: size (big, small), age (young, old), shape (round, oval), color, material  (wooden, cotton) and origin (French, Canadian.)
  • Writing: we've been practicing writing descriptive sentences and short fiction or real stories (my lost tooth, my favorite pet, a healthy meal.)
  • Math: we've launched the 7th unit Addition and subtraction. Students have prepared their own place-value mats as we were learning strategies for solving addition problems. I will also blog the Home connection so that you can do it with the kids at home. I won't be sending the books home unless there is an unfinished class work.
  • Social Studies: we've covered Victoria Day and we did Canadian Symbols (maple leaf, maple tree, beaver, and moose.)
  • Islamic Studies: we've started the Unit: Born to worship. We've talked about the shining treasures Quran and Sunnah.
  • Science: students did some activities related to animals and their babies. We've also seen Human's Life Cycle. What is inside an egg? and animal habitats. Students know that all animals begin life as eggs (even humans) and that some animals grow inside the mother and are born, while some others are laid in a nest and hatch. (This point is a little bit tricky for them!. I advise you to talk with them about it and check their understanding.)
  • Art: we've been drawing following a grid, and coloring using patterns.


Homework: I am not sending a H.W booklet as usual, it is just a reading comprehension page. I want them to focus on the book report. I've sent a copy of the book report template with the students two weeks ago. You can choose the book that your kid likes the most and fill in the template. I will ask students to present the story they've read to the class, (I'll be sending the rubric with them on Monday in shallah.)

Jazakum Allah kairan,
Have a wonderful weekend!