Thursday, 14 November 2013

Weekly update

Assalamu Alaykom dear parents,
We had a very successful week alhamdulillah.

Reading Comprehension: students are learning how to do a paragraph attack. Below is an explanation of that strategy:
1. Read and circle the title. Look for clues in the title about the main idea of the passage.
2. Number the paragraphs.  Since test questions often ask students to go back to specific paragraphs to look for information, labeling the paragraphs prior to reading can assist with these questions later.  In addition, beginning with a simple task boosts confidence and allows a moment to calm nerves.
3. Read the questions.  If the main purpose of reading the passage is to answer the questions at the end, why not begin with the end in mind?  Read the questions, underline the key words, and take note of what information needs to be found.  (No need to read the answer choices at this time.  That will come later.)
4. Read the passage.  Underline all topic sentences and highlight key words.  Make notes in the margins about big ideas.  Be careful to highlight only a few words and phrases per paragraph. 
5. Reread the questions.  This time, read the answer choices as well.  After reading each answer choice, decide if the answer is not correct or maybe correct.
6.  If time allows, reread the questions and check the answers.
Math: Students are writing and solving addition problems using words, pictures and numerals.
Science: this week we've seen how humans grow and change and we have also studied animals' adaptation.
Social Studies: Traditions and Celebrations: Thanksgiving and Remembrance Day.
Islamic Studies: We talked about the two shining treasures: Quran and Sunnah, and their importance in Muslims lives. We also started the story of prophet Nuh pbuh. 
Math Problem of the Week! 
Write the answer on a separate piece of paper and write your child full name and grade.  I will put their answers in the draw box.
 H.WWeekly homework is sent home today. 
Jazakum Allah khairan for your cooperation.
Tr. Hajer