Friday, 7 February 2014

Classwork and Homework

Assalamu alaykom dear parents,
Our week was wonderful alhamdulillah. 

Writing: We have been practicing how to write sentences using the following structure:

I used to -----------------------. Now, I ---------------------------------.
e.g: I used to waste water. Now, I am learning how to save it.

Students learned that this structure expresses old habits that are no longer true in the present.
When writing, students should check capitalization, punctuation and spelling.
We also wrote sentences to describe different clothing items people wear in the four seasons.

Reading: students have done some independent reading, shared reading and I also read texts from Goodnight Stories From the Quran. 

MathWe wrapped up our 3-D shapes unit. Students played a who am I card game. They've also built a town, a castle, and a spaceship using 3-D solids.

Science: We have built pinwheels.  Our first step was to color the panels on a template.  We then cut out he panels to form the blades.  Our last step was to use a push pin to attach the pinwheel.  Once we were done making the craft we took some time to play with it.  We were encouraged to find multiple ways to make it spin.We also documented some of our discoveries with the pinwheels we made.  We started by talking about what we did and what we were able to make the pinwheels do.  We then sat down with a series of questions.

Social Studies: We read about means of transportation in different communities.

Islamic Studies: We have read and discussed the story of Al-hajar Al-aswad (the black stone.)

Art: with the help of an artist (a parent) jazaha Allahu kheira, students drew 3-D shapes. She taught them how to draw shaded spheres and cubes.

Art home Project: students are asked to build a robot at home using recycling materials (cereal boxes, party hats, empty cardboard cans, recycling toilet paper rolls....

Have a nice and a restful weekend. 
Tr. Hajer