Tuesday, 25 February 2014

New Math and social studies units

Assalamu Alaykom dear parents,

We are going to start a new math unit tomorrow in sha'Allah;
Unit 5: Data Management and Probability.
In this unit, your child will be learning about making graphs and probability- how likely an event is.
The learning goals of this unit are to:

  • collect, organize, describe, and label data on graphs. For example, your child's class may tally the number of days there is rain, snow, sun, or clouds during a month and graph the results.
  • read graphs and ask questions about the data they gathered.
  • talk about probability in day-to-day situations using words such as always, sometimes, or never to describe events. For example: It sometimes snows in spring.
  • Use mathematical language such as likely, unlikely, and probably when playing games. For example: I think the spinner will likely land on red.

The new Social Studies unit is Map, Globe, and Graphing skills. 
The goal of this unit is:
  • to become familiar with maps, and the political map of Canada.
  • extracting information from globes, atlases, and maps about location, climate, and physical characteristics of a region.
  • identifying and locating continents, significant bodies of water, the equator, poles, and hemispheres on maps or a globe.
  • developing their ability to use appropriate elements of maps (e .g ., a title, symbols in a legend, direction, scale. 
  • understand how physical features and climate contribute to differences in the ways people around the globe live. 
  • understand how the natural environment affect the ways in which people meet their needs.

Jazakom Allah khairan,
Tr. Hajer