Tuesday 16 December 2014


Dear Parents


Today we had a great day alhahumdulilah.

Language: Students watched "Hey Little Ant". They took turns re-telling the story.The story reminded us of the story of Prophet Suleiman and the ant. As well, we discussed why Allah's Prophet listened to the ant and didn't step on it. After that, students worked in groups to come up with ways to persuade the boy to save the ant. They did a rough draft on persuasive writing giving the boy reasons to save the ant.

Math: Students worked in groups to come up with examples of things that are certain, impossible, likely and unlikely and they showed their work on chart paper.

Science: We are learning about reptiles and some of their characteristics.Today students completed a worksheet where they wrote different characteristics.

Library: We went to the library and got books

  • Students have a math quiz tomorrow on bar graphs and pictographs.
  • Thursday is International Day. Students should come to school in traditional wear and bring traditional food to share with their classmates. 
I hope that you all have a lovely evening inshaa Allah!