Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Classwork and Homework

As-salamu-alaikum wa Rahmatullah

Dear Parents,

Writing: Students wrote simple sentences in their journals about how they spent their long weekend. They circled the verbs and drew a picture of themselves.

Reading: We joined 2B and watched a video of the story The Crayon Box that Talked. We talked about diversity and how we are all unique, but when we get together the picture is complete!

Math: Students completed a worksheet where they solved word problems related to reading a calendar. 

Library: We went to the library and Tr. Nancy talked to the class about a project they will be making about mammals. She will be giving the students books for their projects this week in sha Allah. Students will learn what is expected and the due date on Friday.

Gym: We played dinosaur soup and freeze tag. 

Social Studies: We joined 2B and watched a video about different types of homes and places in our community. 

Homework: Math Worksheet and Arabic homework by Tr.Saher.

  • Sign your child's spelling quiz.
  • Today students took home the October Scholastic Flyer. Please only send a cheque for your child's order.
  • The deadline to order the scholastic books is Wednesday 10/22/2014. Please only send a cheque for your order. 
Have a great evening!