Friday, 1 May 2015

Classwork and Reminders

Assalamu Alaikum

Dear Parents,

Today we had a wonderful day alhumdulilah!

Math: We learning about  how to measure a space inie an object i.e area. Students completed page 207 in their  math books where they chose a shape to cover a rectangle, and they wrote the area.

Art/Math: Students made robots, and they found the area of the  body parts of a robot(head, body and legs). Then they wrote the area of the whole robot. They did an awesome job masha'Allah!

Language: Students completed comprehension worksheeton Hyperbole(obvious and intentional exaggeration).
They read a poem and answered questions if the sentence is hyperbole or not hyperbole.


  • Tuesday is Toonie Tuesday.
  • Students have a spelling quiz on Monday (Lesson 29)
List words are: beat, roads, mean, lay, main, lower, pie, tie, toes, read.
  • Homework pack is due on Thursday. 
  • Your child has a Biography Project. Insha Allah you will be emailed the project details. The biography template and rubric are in this week's homework pack. Please DO NOT have your child start working on the project yet. 
Have a great weekend!