Monday, 4 May 2015


Assalamu Alaikum

Dear Parents,

Today we had a wonderful day alhumdulilah!

Language:Students wrote their spelling quiz (Lesson 29), and the bonus was to write 2 sentence that use hyperbole (An exaggerated phrase used in writing that is not meant to be taken literally). Then they marked each other's work.

Students completed lesson 30 (revision) in their spelling books.

Math: We revised how to find the perimeter and area of an object.Students worked on worksheets where they found the perimeter and area of different shapes.

Gym: We went to the gym and played helicopter.

Science: We played Jeopardy  on a projector to revise Matter and Air and Water. Students had a lot of fun playing the game!
      Students took turns in groups to present their mini quiz/project on Air and Water in the environment.

  • Tomorrow is Toonie Tuesday.
  • Grade 6 is having a used book sale tomorrow.
  • Students took their spelling books home to practice for next week's spelling quiz(lesson 30-revision of lesson 25-29).
  • Quran Homework:  Practice Surah Al-Mutaffifin Ayah 12 to 17.
Have a lovely evening inshaAllah!