Saturday, 9 May 2015

Last's Week Update and Important Reminders

Assalamu Alaikum

Dear Parents,

Language:On Tuesday, students had a grammar (tenses) and comprehension pop quiz. We have been learning how to find the main idea and supporting details in a fiction and non fiction text. 

Math:Last week, we started a new unit, Mass and Capacity. We watched videos showing the capacity and mass of different containers/objects and learned  how to measure by completing pages in our math book.

Science:We started a new unit in Science called "Movement". In this unit students will 
  • Investigate and describe different kinds of movement (e.g., by observing how toys and other everyday objects move) 
  • Investigate the structure and function of simple machines.
  • identify the six basic types of simple machines – lever; inclined plane; pulley; wheel and axle, including gear; screw; and wedge – and give examples of ways in which each is used in daily life to make tasks easier.
Social Studies: Students watched an informative video about different communities around the world and then as a class, we discussed the similarities and differences between our community and those communities. Students also learned about urban and rural communities and completed a worksheet where they wrote down the similarities and differences between them.
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Art: Students learned what a horizon line is and what one point perspective is. They made a landscape with different types of lines and one vanishing point. Then, they used coloured markers and oil pastels to finish their drawing on sketch paper, They all did a wonderful job, MashaAllah!

Dojo Winners: The  class dojo winners for the month of April are: Mohammad, Ali, Palwasha, Sarah, and Shaymaa. Congratulations to all of them.

May Du'aa: Please help your child to memorize the following dua:

أَسْأَلُكَ حُبَّكَ، وَحُبَّ مَنْ يُحِبُّكَ، وَحُبَّ عَمَلٍ يُقَرِّبُنِي إِلَى حُبِّكَ اللَّهُمَّ  

Allāhumma as’aluka Hubbak wa Hubba man yuHibbuk, wa Hubba `amalin yuqaribunee elaa Hubbik

“O Allah, I ask You for Your love, the love of whomever You love, and of the deeds that bring one nearer to Your love"


  • Spelling quiz on Monday (Lesson 25-29)
  • Students took their spelling book home to practice for the test.
  • Tennis Lesson for grade 2B on Monday (period 2).
  • Science quiz on ``Air and Water in the Environment``on Friday. Practice sheet for the test is in the homework pack.
  • Homework pack due on Friday.
Have a great weekend!