Friday, 25 September 2015

Class Updates and Important Reminders!

Assalamu Alaikum,

Dear Parents,

 Here are updates from last week!

Spelling: We did lesson 2 in our spelling books on consonants.

Reading: Students have been working on maintaining stamina during read to self, and masha'allah they are doing a good job!

Math: We are learning about patterns. We learned that the repeated part in a pattern is called a CORE or a UNIT. We also learned different types of patterns (AB, ABC, ABCD, ABB, AAB...etc)

Students practiced finding the core of a pattern on their white boards. They copied different patterns from the blackboard and circled the core for each of them. Students also completed pages 2, 152, and 153 in their math books. InshaAllah next week your child will be taking home his/her math book. 

Hajj Craft: Students finished making their mobile hajj crafts.

Eid CraftWe coloured pictures of children and flags of different countries to decorate our Eid door. The idea is  that although muslims live in different parts of the world, Islam unites them all!
Students also had lots of fun making Eid cards.

Islamic Studies: Students sat on the carpet, and I read the book, "Allah's Best Friend" to them.

Gym: We went to the public park today and played on the play structure.


  • We are going to Midway to celebrate Eid on Monday, September 28th, 2015, Please send in the field trip permission slips by Monday morning! Students cannot go on the trip without permission slips. Please make sure that your child wears comfortable clothes (no Eid-outfits!) and running shoes. 
  • At Midway, lunch will be provided but please make sure to pack extra food/snacks for your child.
  • The deadline to submit milk forms is September 30, 2015.
  • Students have a spelling quiz on Tuesday 09/29/2015 on lesson 2.  The list words are: let, his, had, ask, old, took, also, sat, fell, get.
  • Gift exchange on Monday: Bring a gift for a classmate of your choice worth $5 or less. Students will select a gift randomly from an anonymous classmate!