Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Today's Classwork and Important Reminders!

Assalamu Alakium,

Dear Parents,

Today we had a great day alhamdulilah!

Islamic Studies: We started off our day with morning Izkar. We are also memorizing the dua of the month: 

We learned that good deeds are very important in the blessed days we are in now. We discussed some of the many blessings we have and how we could help the Syrian refugees. Students worked in groups to make a T- chart where on one side they drew pictures of blessings they havel and on other side of T- chart they drew  the sufferings of Syrian kids. Students watched videos showing how the people in Syria are living one more time.

We also read a story "Builders Of Kabah" to learn about prophet Ibraheem and Ismaeel.

Math: Students worked on their math review pack where they answered questions about fractions, skip counting, money, and patterns.

Reading: We went over the "I Chart" for reading to Self, students took their book boxes and read quietly. We have a Stamina Chart in class where we record the number of minutes we maintain stamina everyday.

Language: We reviewed nouns by watching an educational video on nouns. Students also played a game with a ball where they took turns to say a noun, and then a word that is not a noun. We will be making a Noun Town. Please ask your child about it.

Class Dojo Team Points: Our class theme is Olympics! Today students were placed into continent teams according to the colour of the Olympic rings. They started to collect points for their teams. Stay tuned for further information about how we are going to incorporate the Olympics theme with other subjects and character education, in sha Allah.

  • Tomorrow is the Hajj Workshop. Your child should come in or bring a jilbab/thawb or can bring two towels.
  • Please donate to help our Syrian sisters and brothers. Encourage your child to also donate money from his or her allowance.
  • List words for Monday's spelling quiz are: fox, cut, hill, wind, put, all, moon, saw, tell, new
  • Please sign your child's agenda.
  • Don't forget to check Class Dojo to see the points your child collected and more!
  • Remind your child to colour a stone each day in the Good Deed Chart! 
Have a great evening!