Sunday, 10 April 2016

Class Updates and Reminders!

Dear Parents

We had a wonderful week Alhahumdulilah!

Quran Competition:
 Last week, we attended the Quran Competition and the winner from grade 2 was Mariam Gazarin, MashaAllah! Congratulations to Mariam, the 2Bs are very proud of her!

Spelling:  Students completed  activities for the lesson 25(letter r with vowels).

Spelling Bee: We had our second spelling bee in the class, Alhumdulilah! It was a tough competition and all the participants did an excellent job, MashaAllah. The winners for the spelling bee# 2 are:


Congratulations to all of them!

Reading: Sr. Madlein read us "Sugar Cookies", a book that teaches vocabulary associated with love.

Here are the vocabulary words from the book: 

selfless, considerate, compassionate, expensive love, true love, cherish, connect, unrequited, unconditional, supportive, admire, bliss, constructive

We completed a vocabulary worksheet as a class where students read sentences and described them using these vocabulary words.

                                               Image result for sugar cookies vocab

Math: Last week, students did 2 cooperative learning activities on 2-D shapes. On Monday, students described attributes of 2-D shapes by making riddles in their groups. On Tuesday, students did an activity to find the area of some cookie dough (we used playdough) by using cookie cutters of different shapes. The task was to find how many cookies can cover the area of the cookie dough. Students also completed exit slips and a pop quiz on describing attributes of  2-D shapes and area of different shapes.


3-D Shapes Fun: From Wednesday,we started to learn about  3-D shapes. Last week,our learning goals for 3-D shapes were to identify and describe the attributes of 3-D shapes. We learned that there are 3 parts of  a 3-D shape (Face, Edge, Vertex/vertices). We also learned that like 2-D shapes, 3-D shapes are all around us(At home, at school, at the grocery stores).

On Thursday,the students worked in groups to trace the faces of the 3D shapes to discover the 2D shapes in them. 

On Friday, we learned about 3-D nets. Students cut out the paper  nets of a cube and a pyramid and pasted in their math journals. Then they labelled  each 3-D net and wrote its edges and vertices.

Computer Lab: Students sorted 3-D shapes in a Venn diagram according to their attributes (cube, rectangular prism, no. of edges, no. of vertices etc.) For more practice at home please follow the link below:

Science: We experimented things that absorb water and things that repel water. We also made lava lamps!

Islamic Studies: Tr. Dina, the Islamic Studies coordinator, joined us, and students worked in groups to put the story of Prophet Nuh (SAW) in the right sequence. We discussed some of the lessons we learned form the story, and students made a craft of the ark of Prophet Nuh (SAW).

Math/Art Centres: Students had a great time learning about  3-D shapes through different activities.

3-D shapes Drawing:Students practiced and learned how to draw different 3-D shapes.
Play Dough Fun:Students made different 3-D shapes by using play dough.

Build a Structure:Students built different structures using different 3-d       shaped cardboard items. They also built structures using 3-D blocks.

Design a Robot Challenge :Students are working on building a robot out of 3-D nets. First they had to write a plan (what type of 3-D shapes they will be using for their robot) on a worksheet. After the planning stage they started to make their robots using different  paper nets of 3-D shapes. They are doing a great job, MashaAllah!

Qura'n Class: Tr. Ibtissam threw the class a party! They had popcorn and treats from her. I joined them and also treated students by serving ice cream for their hard work!

  • Spelling test on lesson 25 will be on Monday.(words with r)
  • Homework pack is due on Thursday.
  • Spelling Bee # 3 will be  on April 21st, inshaaAllah! The students are doing a great job, so to make it more challenging the competition will be from column 4 and 5 of the spelling bee words!
  • Seerah Quiz part 2 will be on Tuesday!
  • It is spring, but it is still cold these days. Please send a jacket and mittens with your child to school and make sure he/she is dressed warm.
  • Students were assigned an assignment on Prodigy about 3-D shapes.

Jazakum Allahu Khairun!

Have a Great Weekend!