Sunday, 17 April 2016

Class Updates and Reminders!

Dear Parents

We had a wonderful week Alhahumdulilah!

Spelling:  Students wrote a quiz for lesson 25 (letter "r" with vowels) and then marked each other's spelling quizzes. Students completed  activities for lesson 26 (adding endings in the base words).

Contraction Surgery:On Tuesday, the 2Bs did a little surgery! :)
Each of them got masks and surgical gloves to be like surgeons for the day. Then, they  went with their scalpels {scissors} cutting apart words and bandaging new words {contractions} together.  The students were SO excited  and had a blast!


Writing: Students made a respect flip book showing how to show respect to others, at school, at home, and to the earth. 

Autobiography in-class Project: Starting from Tuesday inshaaAllah, students will be working on their cereal box autobiographies in the class. They will be writing about them and displaying their info on a cereal box in a creative way! After the completion of the project, there will be a gallery walk where students will read and explore some fun and interesting facts about each other.

Math: Last week, we investigated which 3-D shape can be rolled, stacked or can do both and discussed why some rolled or stacked and some didn't.
We also made 3D skeletons using clay and toothpicks and learned that in the skeleton of 3-D shapes we can count vertices and edges but there is no face. They completed some activities in their math books.
On Wednesday, we learned how to measure capacity(an amount a container holds) and mass of different 3-D objects using  different  non- standard units of measurement.

Islamic Studies:Students did their Seerah Quiz part 2.

Social Studies: We started a new unit called" Communities and Traditions around the World". We learned what a community is and the different types of communities (mining, fishery, grassland etc) around us. 

Math/Art Centres: Students had a great time exploring 3-D shapes through different activities.

Measuring Mass:Students selected different objects from the class to measure how many linking cubes that object weighs on the balance scale.

Play Dough Fun:Students made different 3-D shapes by using play dough.

3-D shape Pencil Holder:Students painted different 3-D shaped recycled boxes, and then once the paint had dried, they had a fabulous time by making 3-D shape pencil holders that they can use and be proud of! They all did a super job, MashaAllah!

Design a Robot Challenge:We accomplished the challenge, Alhumdulilah!
Please check out the amazing work by our 2B mathematicians below:

  • Spelling test on lesson 26 will be on Monday.(words with r)
  • No Homework pack this week! Practice for the spelling bee and science test.
  • Spelling Bee # 3 will be  on April 21st, inshaaAllah! The students are doing a great job, so to make it more challenging, the competition will be from column 4 and 5 of the spelling bee words!
  • Science test "Properties of Matter" will be on Tuesday!
  • Autobiography info sheet sent home last Thursday. Please send a big and empty cereal box for the in-class project by Wednesday!
Jazakum Allahu Khairun!

Have a Great Weekend!