Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Last Week's Class Updates

Dear Parents


 We had a wonderful week Alhahumdulilah.

Spelling:  Students wrote a pop quiz on review lessons 19-23. Students also learned about  contractions (shortcuts) and apostrophes.

Reading: Sr. Madlien read us the story of one of the Prophet (SAW)'s companions, Adi Ibn Hatim Al-Ta'i, and we completed a comprehension worksheet about the story.

Guided Reading: On Thursday, we had our guided reading session. Tr. Hajer, the reading coordinator came and took one group with her to the library for reading intervention. While I worked with one reading group, some students read in their reading groups on assigned tasks. Other students worked at  "Snail Mail Centre and "Silly Faces" activity.

Math: Last week, on 2-D shapes our learning goals were to find symmetry and asymmetrical shapes in regular and irregular polygons, transformations in shapes(Flip. turn, and slide) ,  attributes of 2-D shapes (sides, vertices, parallel lines, symmetrical or asymmetrical)and area of a shape using non standard and standard measurements.  
We watched educational videos, did group and individual work, and other hands-on activities.The grade 2Bs know everything about 2-D shapes, MashaAllah!


Computer Lab: Students sorted 2D shapes in a Venn diagram according to their attributes (quadrilaterals, symmetrical, polygons...etc.)


Science: We went outside with the 2As and learned about gas and how it takes up space. Students worked in pairs to make bubbles using pipe wires, water and soap. During the activity, we also discussed the terms: mixture, solution, dissolve and  density.

Math/Art: Last week, we integrated math and art during learning centres. Students had a  great time practicing 2-D shapes through different activities.

Area task Fun:Students practiced finding areas of different shapes at this centre.

Area Houses:Students drew different houses of their choice on a grid paper and then measured the area and perimeter of their house.

Build a Shape:Students practiced building different pictures by using pattern blocks.

Name Monster Symmetry:Students folded a paper in half to show symmetry.Next they wrote their name on the folded side and cut around their names. Finally, students opened the paper and put different colored blobs of paint and folded the paper back again. The result was beautiful symmetrical designed monsters!


Cityscape Reflection Art:Students are still working on their Cityscape Reflection Art.Here is the sneak peak of what it look like.....


Islamic Studies: We read a story of Prophet Nuh (SAW) and the ark from the text book and compared the story with the other story we read last week.

  • Homework pack is due on Thursday.
  • Spelling Bee # 2 is on Wednesday!
  • Seerah Quiz part 2 will be next Tuesday!
  • It is spring, but it is still cold these days. Please send a jacket and mittens with your child to school and make sure he/she is dressed warmly.

Jazakum Allahu Khairun!