Saturday 22 October 2016

Class Updates and Reminders!

Assalamu Alaikum wr wb ,
Dear Parents,

We had a busy but productive week, Alhamdululilah! Here are some updates:

Spelling: Students did their spelling quiz on lesson 4We completed lesson 5 in our spelling books where we learned words with the short vowel "e."

Reading: We went over the "I Chart" for Read to Self. Students took their book boxes and read quietly.

Grammer: We reviewed verbs and  learned about complete and incomplete sentences. Then, students wrote five complete sentences in their journals and circled the verbs in each sentence. Students were also introduced to the editing acronym CUPS (C-Capitals, U-Understanding, P- Punctuation, S- Spacing/Spelling).
We also started to identify linking verbs in sentences (linking verb connects the subject with a word that gives information about the subject).

Math: Students learned how to describe a pattern using different attributes  (colour, shape, size,direction, position, etc). Students practiced describing patterns and the core of a pattern through different activities in class. On Thursday, we learned about growing patterns. In groups, students solved a ladybug growing pattern problem and then filled out an exit slip independently to show their knowldge about growing patterns.

Home connection:
A growing pattern happens when something is added each time. Please encourage your child to create a growing pattern at home with pictures,objects, shapes, and numbers. Here is an example: 


On Friday, students practiced repeating and growing patterns during math center time. They had a blast!

Science: On Monday, we watched an educational video on birds and discussed the characteristics of 
birds as a class. Students then completed a tree map of a bird as a class.On Wednesday, we reviewed the characteristics of birds as a class. Then, students worked independently to write 5 special things about birds.

Science/ Writing/Math/Art: Students sat on the carpet and read a book on owls, as part of our animal study about birds. Before reading, we wrote what we know about owls and what we want to know about owls on a graphic organizer called "KWL chart." After reading, we wrote down all the interesting and fascinating information about owls as a class in the "what we learned" part of the chart. Following this, we reviewed all the information one more time and then students independently wrote down the information in simple sentences on an owl shaped booklet.They edited their work by referring to our CUPS chart. Students also drew pictures in their booklet as illustrations that go along with the information about owls. Students started to make the front cover of their booklet which is shaped like an owl in art class. They made patterned owls using sponge painting technique. They all did an awesome job, mashaAllah!

Language/ Is. Studies / Arts:  We finished reading the story of Prophet Adam and we learned the names of Allah (SWT), Al- Ghafar, and Al- Ghafoor (The All Forgiving). 

We also discussed promises of Allah and promises of Shaytaan as a class. In our next class, we integrated Language, Islamic studies, and Arts together by making a story wheel craft on Prophet Adam. First, we sequenced the order of events of the story of Prophet Adam as a class. Next, we learned the steps of putting the order of events on a story wheel template. Then, we started to work on the activity independently. Finally, we drew pictures of things we would like to see in Jannah on the front page of our story wheels. The 2Bs really liked the activity and did a wonderful job on their story wheels, Masha Allah!

Library: Students learned about the parts of a book by watching an educational video and then Tr. Nancy asked questions to ensure understanding.

  • Spelling test on "lesson 5" will be on Tuesday in shaa Allah. The list words are: set, head, help, yet, bread, belt, tent, said, bed, sell, eleventh, twelfth, thirteenth, fourteenth, fifteenth.
  • Please encourage your child to do an act of kindness and record on the Kindness Calendar regularly.
  • Please sign your child's agenda.
  • Encourage your child to read on Razkids every day for twenty minutes.
  •  Homework pack is due next Thursday. 

Have a great weekend!