Saturday 29 October 2016

Class Updates and Reminders!

Assalamu Alaikum wr wb ,
Dear Parents,

We had a wonderful week, Alhamdululilah! Here are some updates:

Spelling: Students did their spelling quiz on lesson 5We completed review exercises from lesson 1-5 in our spelling books.

Reading:We started to learn about reading strategies on connecting text to self, text to world and text to text. This week we focused on connecting text to self. Students listened to "Searching for Kindness" and they made connections to themselves. Each student wrote a thank you note on a heart- shaped cut out for someone in the class who did an act of kindness to them in a certain way. Then they put their hearts on the kindness tree in front of Abraar Gym.They replied back the kindness with kindness by saying thank you!

Grammer: We practiced identifying linking verbs in sentences. Then, we started to learn and distinguish four types of sentences. Students did different activities to distinguish the four types of sentences.

Math: Students learned how to create and extend growing patterns through different methods (pictures, word problems, and T-chart). We did different activities by working in pairs and independently throughout the week. On Friday, students reviewed repeating and growing patterns as a class and then wrote a pop quiz on patterns independently.

From Monday, we will be starting a unit called "Data Management" inshaaAllah.

Science: Students completed their "Owl Booklets" and did a fabulous job, MashaAllah. Please take a look at the picture below: 

We started to learn about Fish. Students watched an educational video and then completed a tree chart  on the characteristics of Fish as a class. 

Social Studies: We learned what a community is and then watched an informative video about urban and rural communities. Then students completed a worksheet where they wrote down the similarities and differences between each of the communities.

Health: We discussed the different food groups. Students took turns in groups to write and draw food pictures under each food group on chart paper.

Islamic Studies: !n our first Islamic Studies class, we read the story of the two sons of Prophet Adam and in the second class we reviewed the story. They took turns to retell the story.We learned that there is good jealousy and bad jealousy. Students gave examples of good jealousy, and bad jealousy. 

Islamic Studies/Language/Arts:After reading the beautiful story "Searching for Kindness" and learning the fact that kindness lies in one's heart, we made a craft using the pointillism technique. Since we are learning about the four types of sentences, so we used this knowlegde in our art class where each student had to pick a sentence type  from a bag and made that sentence on kindness(e.g. My friend is so kind!- excited sentence) . Afterwards, they wrote that sentence inside the heart on the t-shirt and then they decorated  it by making patterns using the pointillism technique.


Kindness Photo Contest:

Zeina and Maya won the contest!Congratulations to both of them, MashaAllah! On Friday, the 2Bs enjoyed the donut party Alhumdulilah.

  • Spelling test on "lesson 6" "Review=lessons1-5 will be onTuesday in shaa Allah.
  • Students took home their spelling workbook to practice for the review" lesson 6".
  • Homework pack is due on Thursday,November 3rd, 2016.
  • Arabic teacher Tr. Salam sent a homework worksheet which is due on Thursday.
  • Kindness Calendar is due on November 1st.
  • Please sign your child's agenda.