Sunday 2 April 2017

Class Updates!

Assalamu Alaikum,
Dear Parents,

We had a very busy week learning and exploring through lots of hands on activities, Alhumdulilah! Here are the updates:

Spelling:  Students wrote a quiz on lesson 25 and  completed activities for lesson 26 (words with different endings such as ed, es, and s). Students took their spelling workbooks home to practice for the quiz.

Grammar/ Writing:We continued to identify pronouns. Students wrote a "Pronoun Story" in their journals where they wrote fiction stories and used pronouns to replace nouns. They were very creative and came up with interesting pronoun stories. In addition to this, they made a pronoun pizza craft to write a sentence under each flap of the pizza topping.

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Image result for its ok to be different bookDiversity Collaborative Work:After watching a cute audio story on diversity(our character trait of the month) called"Its Ok to be Different", students participated in their groups where they wrote one thing that they think makes them different from their peers. Then each group took turns to share their sentences with others. The lesson they got from this activity is what they think made themselves different from others is common among their peers which means although we are different from each other we still have a lot in common.

Math/Diversity Trail Mix Project: We started our week with a review on addition with regrouping.


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On Tuesday, we did an activity which is called problem based learning in math. Research emphasizes the value of PBL for extending student thinking and creativity.
Multifaceted problems (those that mimic real-life problems and allow a variety of
ways to reach a solution) can also be used in the classroom to reveal student misconceptions that traditional tests miss.
Students explored how addition has an important role in everyday life.They participated in their groups in a 'Diversity Trail Mix Activity.' They were challenged to add 2 digit numbers with 4 addends. The task was to make a diversity trail mix by counting the number of ingredients in each bag (the ingredients were goldfish, pretzels, skittles, and raisins) and then adding them to find the sum using at-least two strategies we learned in class. Lastly, they mixed all the ingredients to make a delicious, nut-free trail mix. I am so proud of the collaborative work that all the students demonstrated. As well, I am proud of how they learned that addition is a key factor while doing chores in real life situations. Ask your child why we named our trail mix as "Diversity Trail Mix." The activity was well liked by Tr. Dina Shalabi and she asked 2B to make a larger batch of trail mix which will be included in an upcoming event organized by MAC inshaaAllah. Stay tuned for the details. :)

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Subtraction with Regrouping: We also started to learn how to subtract with regrouping. We watched a video, and read a poem to help us remember the rule when subtracting with regrouping. Students are focusing on the first two methods of regrouping (borrowing, and base ten blocks).Please refer to this poem whenever your child practices subtraction with regrouping with borrowing at home.


Science: We have finished our unit on "Properties of Matter"(Solids, Liquids, and Gases).Students identified the properties of matter throughout the unit. They made a brochure in class to review the 3 properties in an interactive way. They were also able to identify the change of state in the three types of matter in their environment. They gained knowledge through explanation and exploration. Students took home the review sheet as part of their homework pack. The test will be on Friday, April 7th, inshaaAllah. I will be sending home their 'Properties of Matter"  folder for review on Monday. In addition to this, we will be reviewing in the class too.

To celebrate the end of the unit, we did an activity on Friday which was connecting students to another real life situation.Students used a mixture of a solid and a liquid(water and flour) for pancake batter to see how it turned to a solid (a pancake) after we cooked it. The result was yummy, fluffy pancakes that was truly enjoyed by all students with their favourite topping. They went home for the weekend with a sweet touch!:)

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Last but not least, I would like to thank my lovely volunteers sister Suha, and sister Mahveen for helping out and making this activity a success, MashaAllah!

Islamic Studies: We finished the topics about the Seerah according to the grade 2 curriculum. (Story of Prophet Mohammed (SAW)). From this unit, we learned how we should always take the Prophet (SAW) as a role model and the how to implement the sunnah of our beloved prophet in our everyday lives. Right now we are practicing to say sallallahu alaihi wasallam ten times after our izkars  in the morning.

Mixed Media Spring Art Fun:

We all desperately want spring to come! So 2B is all about Spring Art!. Last week, we coloured coffee filters with markers and sprayed them to see the spectrum of colours mixing up together.Then we put each wet and coloured coffee filter in a cup to shape it like a flower as it dries. Soon we will be displaying our flowers with 2A as our cooperation mural.

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This Friday, we made "Spring Birds"  using different elements of art(line, shape, and texture). FIrst, we painted plain papers to be used as branches for our spring birds. Next, we drew birds, then cut and coloured them with oil pastels.Then, we used another paper for the background and this time we used blue chalk to paint the paper as the sky. Finally, we used this blue background and assembled our 3-D birds perched on a painted branch. Moreover, we added details with foam sheets and feathers.Students had a blast and I was amazed by all of their creativity from start to finish.  

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  • Homework pack is due on Thursday.
  • Spelling quiz on lesson 26will be on Tuesday inshaaAllah. Although students took their spelling books home to practice for the quizbut just in  case your child forget to bring his/her spelling workbook, here are the list words: worked, sending, wants, glasses, sees, burning, reached, boxes, wishes, opening. 
  • Science Test will be on Friday, April 7th. Review sheet was sent  along with the homework package.
  • Encourage your child to read on Razkids every day for twenty minutes.

J               JazakumAllahu Khairun!