Thursday, 6 March 2014

Classwork and Homework

Assalamu Alaikom dear parents,

Our week was wonderful, Alhamdulillah.
We have been learning how to add details to a piece of writing.
When writing, students should check capitalization, punctuation and spelling.
Students build cut-out pictures according to spinner outcomes.
They have also used a spinner, predicted the winner, and recorded results.
We have looked at pictures and decided whether they are likely or unlikely. Students then created their own likely and unlikely pictures.
Children design a game with a spinner, predict the results and play the game, explaining the results.
   No spelling test for the week after March break in sha'Allah.
 "What is movement?" and "What are ways things move?"  We came up with the idea that movement is when something changes position or part of something changes its position.  Some ways to move we thought about were turning, swinging, bouncing…
We learned about position by making a list of position words (in, on, under, etc). We did a worksheet to look closer at our position words.
Please read and make the booklet; « Simple Machines »
Social Studies
Students followed written directions to complete information on a castle floor map.
Reading map symbols.
Islamic Studies
We have read and discussed the story of Adam’s sons (Qabeel and Habeel)

In the homework booklet, there is a story map. Students should read a story and fill in the map. 
Students should also listen to the online story (Brave Irene) (you can find it in the link below.)
We will discuss the story in the classroom. I'll also ask them to try to retell the story and talk about the lessons they have learnt from it. 

p.s: I have booked a science workshop for April 7th, in sha'Allah. We'll be in need of volunteers. It is a centres based workshop which means we will need to round up sufficient volunteers to help run our 5 centres. Each centre must be tended to by an adult.  Unfortunately we cannot run the workshop without volunteers as there is equipment which could result in injury if not handled appropriately, as well as instructions needing to be delivered to students. 

Jazakom Allah khairan and have a nice and restful March break in sha'Allah.
Tr. Hajer