Thursday, 6 March 2014

French Project

Assalam alaikoum Dear parents, 

I hope my email finds you in a good health and Iman,
In our story  : comment y aller? Marie meets a police officer in a car. After a littel while, Marie sees a train approach. After she sees a ship....

Have you child to name the different means of transport.
• Ask you child to choose the image of his/her favorite means of transport and why he/she like it.
• What means of transport do you have at home?
• What is the color of the car dad’s car?
• What means of transport move on the earth?
• What means of transport travel  in the sky?
•What means of transport float on water on water?

 Demandez aux enfants de nommer les différents moyens de transport.
  • Demandez aux enfants de choisir l'image de leur moyen de transport préféré et d'expliquer pourquoi ils l'aiment.
  • Quels moyens de transport as-tu à la maison?
  • Quelle est la couleur de l'auto de ton papa?
  • Quels moyens de transport flottent sur l'eau ?
  • Quels moyens de transport roulent sur la terre ?
  • Quels moyens de transport volent dans le ciel ?

Jazakoum khairan