Friday, 28 March 2014

Classwork and Homework

Assalamu Alaykum dear parents,
We had a wonderful week alhamdulillah.


In our reading center students did guided reading and shared reading. We read texts from Nelson Language Arts (Reach Out).
We have also started our new Language unit: Biographies.
Understanding and appreciating biographies is an important skill that all students should master.  Biographies provide information about people who have accomplished many things in their lifetime.  They allow a person to be remembered over time after he is long gone.  Learning about an important person in one’s culture allows for a sense of pride and gratitude for his accomplishments.  Reading about important people from other cultures also allows students a more global understanding of the world.  It also allows English learners more opportunity to relate to what they are learning about.  Students need to be motivated to discover another person’s accomplishments and utilizing pre-reading strategies allows this to happen.


We started a writing center where students are given a writing prompt that corresponds to current units of study. They are expected to follow the steps of the writing process (prewriting, drafting, revising, publishing) with their work.
We have also studied subject and object pronouns.


This week we have written in our end of unit journals. Students also worked on their Graph projects. They were asked to ask a question and to conduct a survey about it. After tallying the answers students sat in groups to do a graph.
We have also done some extra worksheets to wrap up the unit.

   The spelling words for this week are: what, such, where, peach, much, when, whip, arch, coach, who.


We have reviewed the two simple machines we've already seen : wheels and axles, and levers. We have seen what a wedge and a pulley are. Students then have done some worksheets on these simple machines.

Social Studies

Students have used the map of Canada to locate their local community and to find directions between different locations in Canada.

Islamic Studies

We have been working on in-class projects: Showing Love and Respect to our Families: Do’s and Don’ts.