Saturday, 28 February 2015

Friday's Classwork and Homework

Dear Parents


Math:Students practiced adding 2-digit numbers on their white boards.

Art: Students made a place value block robot craft and wrote the value of their robots by adding hundreds, tens, and ones.

Science: We observed what happen when we mix two liquids.We half filled two water bottles with water, then added some food colouring to one and some oil to the other.  We noted what the mixtures looked like, and then we shook them.  After waiting for 5 minutes we saw that the food colouring stayed mixed, but the oil did not. Finally,students recorded their observations on their worksheet.

Class Dojo Winners:The class dojo winners for the month of February are Momin, Saleh, Sultan, and Ibrahim, MashaAllah! We will have our Dojo party on Friday inshaAllah:)


  • Homework pack due on Wednesday. 
  • Students have to write an informative text on any topic of their choice. They are to write it on the writing template included in their homework pack.
  • Spelling test on Monday. The list words are: race,stick, color, kick, quick,back,became, next,cent, city.
  • French homework due Wednesday.
                  Tuesday is Toonie Tuesday.

Have a lovely weekend!