Sunday, 15 February 2015

Last Week's Updates!

Dear Parents


Here is an update on what we did last week:)


 Students learned about consonant digraphs "sh and th" and did activities in their spelling book.

Writing: We are learning about the second part of author's purpose which is "I--To Inform". As a class, we wrote step by steps instructions on"How to get ready for recess".

Reading: We talked about stories and how stories have titles, characters, events, problems and solutions. Students looked at pictures and put them in the right order to make a story. Then each group took turns to act out a story and identified characters, events, problem and solution in their story. They all did an excellent job, MashaAllah! 
 We are also learning about connecting text to self, text to world and text to text. Next week, we will focus on connecting text to self inshaAllah.

Math: Students completed simple addition worksheets. Students are learning different strategies to help them add(e.g ways to make 10 and ways to make 20).

Social Studies: We are learning about communities and how each community is different from the other.

Islamic Studies: We learned about the Prophet (SAW)'s marriage, and how the Prophet (SAW) treated Ziad Ibn Harritha. Students read the story of the prophet (SAW) and they made connections to self. 

We filled up our marble jar Alhumdulilah, and had a movie time and popcorn party on Thursday!

  • Spelling Quiz on Tuesday: shout, shut, crash, then, thin, math, think, together, nothing, anything
  • Remind your child to practice a sunnah by saying salaam to someone.

Have a wonderful weekend!