Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Class updates and Reminders!

Assalamu Alaikum,

Spelling: Students wrote their spelling quiz on "Y with a vowel" and then swapped  their spelling notebooks with each other and checked their quiz. We completed lesson 16 " Y as a vowel" in our spelling book.

Math: On Monday,we reviewed doubles and doubles plus one and did a pop quiz on it. Then, we learned the flip flop strategy in addition. The next day,we learned fact families and how addition and subtraction are related to each other. 

Science:  We watched a video about fish and their characteristics. Then completed a worksheet about fish, where we labeled a fish and crossed out pictures of animals that are not fish. Kamal drew a beautiful sketch of a fish for us on the whiteboard. Masha Allah he is an amazing artist!

Reading/ Writing:Students listened to an audio version of a famous book, " Snowmen At Night" and then answered a writing prompt "If I was a snowman at night , I would.....".


Reading: Today sister Madlein came and she read an interesting book called " Enemy Pie" to our class. After read aloud, students answered comprehension questions about the book.

Islamic Studies: Students reviewed our unit on Prayer by completing exercises in their I love Islam Textbook.

Library: Today students checked out books from the library.

Social Studies:Students worked in groups to show what they know about their continent. They completed the information about their continent and five oceans that surrounds their continent. Then they   presented this information on a bristle board. They did a great job, MashaAllah!

Qura'n Homework: Please study Surat Al-Aala Ayah 16-19.

  • Students took their spelling books home to practice for the weekly spelling quiz on lesson 16..
  • Prayer test Tomorrow is Prayer test (Unit C, Chapters 3, 4 and 5)
  • IMPORTANT: If you have not returned the book your child borrowed for the project, please make sure you take it back to the public library or send it to school with your child tomorrow.
  • Please sign and return jungle sport permission slip by Friday, if you want your child to take part in this activity.
Have a great evening!