Saturday, 30 January 2016

Last Week's Update!

Assalamu Alaikum,

We are working hard in 2B and had a wonderful week, Alhamdulillah!

Spelling: On Monday, students wrote their spelling quiz on lesson 17 (words ending with LE) and then we completed lesson 18 where we reviewed spelling rules from lessons 13-17.

Reading:  On Wednesday, sister Madlein came and she read an interesting book called "Silent Music" a story of Baghdad to our class. After the read aloud, students answered comprehension questions about the book.
Guided Reading:On Thursday, we had our guided reading session. Tr. Hajer, the reading coordinator came and took one group with her to the library for reading intervention. While I worked with one reading group, the rest of the students read in their reading groups on assigned tasks.

Writing: Since at Abraar school, this month's character trait is about Honesty, we read a chapter called "I am Muslim, I am Honest," from our Islamic Studies textbook. First, we took turns sharing how we can be honest. Then, each student made a flap book and wrote down how can they show honesty "AT SCHOOL," "AT HOME," and "TO OTHERS." They all did a great job!

Media Literacy:On Tuesday, students learned what media is and what media literacy is all about.They learned about the 3 different types of media and completed a booklet about media literacy where they answered the purpose behind each media.


Last week we learned about perimeter and how to measure the perimeter of different shapes (2D and 3D) through lots of different fun, hands-on activities. Students also did a penny click activity in the gym where they had to flick a penny to measure the distance the penny can go. They had a lot of fun, Alhamdulliah! 

Students also spent some time reviewing measurement through games during math centre time.

Science:  We learned about metamorphosis, and with this we finished our unit on "Growth and Changes in Animals." Students took their science folders home to study for the unit test.

Islamic Studies: We are learning " SEERAH." Seerah is the study of the life of our beloved Prophet.Mohammad (SAW).

Health:Students wrote a pop quiz on healthy eating.

Art:In Art, students made "Perimeter Pets."

  • Spelling quiz on lessons 13-17 is on Monday.
  • Students took home their spelling workbooks on Monday to practice for their quiz.
  • Bring 4 interesting health facts about your favourite fruit/vegetable on Monday.
  • Please sign and return your child's math quizzes.
  • Homework pack is due on Thursday. 
  • Students have a Science test on Thursday.The information has been sent on Wednesday through email.

 Have a great weekend in shaa'Allah!