Saturday, 11 April 2015

Thursday's and Friday's Classwork

Assalamu Alaikum

Dear Parents,

Language:We learned and practiced how to find a word in a dictionary.Students wrote down the meaning of the given word and what part of speech they belong to.

Math:This week, we learned about 2D shapes. Students also learned about polygons(shapes with straight sides) and quadrilaterals(Shapes that have only 4 sides and 4 vertices). They also enjoyed making a flip-book about polygons and quadrilaterals where they wrote down the definition of each and drew shapes that belonged to each category. Students also learned about symmetry and symmetrical shapes around us. They completed some pages in their math books.

Art:Students in-cooperated their knowledge of 2D shapes in Art class where they made 2D shape person out of construction paper and wrote down the description of their shape in a speech bubble template, They did a great job, MashaAllah!

Islamic Studies:Students wrote their Seerah quiz part 1(lessons 1-4) on Thursday.
We started to read  a new chapter called "Who is my Hero." Students took turns to read about the qualities of  a role model and did a discussion before and after reading.

  • Spelling Quiz (lesson 26) on Monday.
  • Please sign your child's agenda.
  • Students took their spelling books home to practice for their spelling quiz. Please send back your child's spelling book to school for the new lesson on Monday.
  • Homework pack is due on Thursday.
Have a great evening!