Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Class Update and Important Reminders!

Assalamu Alaikum,

Today we had a very PRODUCTIVE and FABULOUS day Alhumdululilah!

Reading: Students are working on maintaining reading stamina during "read to self" time. They continued to maintain their reading stamina for 30 minutes, Masha'Allah! Keep up the great work 2B! While students were reading, some students took turns reading to me and answered questions about what they read (DRA).

Language:  Yesterday, students participated in a graffiti activity on Common and Proper Nouns. During the Graffiti activity, students brainstormed ideas and recorded them on large sheets of chart paper. This is a creative way to collect thoughts from all or most of the students in the classroom. Students were given a choice to draw pictures or words about Common and Proper nouns. They did a great job, MashaAllah.

Today, students played a game called "Catch The Ball" to review Common and Proper nouns and then they wrote a pop quiz on it.

Math: We have been practicing how to create and extend growing patterns through different methods (pictures, word problems, and T-chart). Today, students solved a word problem by drawing a growing pattern and then wrote a pattern rule to describe their pattern,

Science: Students did a comparison between a penguin and a bird on a Venn Diagram worksheet. 

Social Studies: Today, we had our first lesson on our first unit in Social Studies. In this unit, students will be learning:
  • To Identify and locate continents, significant bodies of water, the equator, poles, and hemispheres on maps or globes.
  • To understand  and use cardinal directions 
  • To develop their ability to use appropriate elements of maps(e.g., a title, symbols in a legend,direction, scale[non-standard],and colour) to help extract information and/or when constructing maps for specific purpose. 

Gym: Today, in gym we played foxes and rabbits.

Is. Studies:We started to learn about Prophet Adam.

  • Spelling test on "Lesson 6: Review lessons 1-5" will be on Monday, in shaa Allah
  • Students took home their spelling workbook to practice for their spelling test.
  • Sign the Quran rubric paper & return it to school by tomorrow.
  • Homework pack # 2 is due tomorrow!

Have a great evening!