Monday, 19 October 2015

Classwork and Important Reminders!

Assalamu Alaikum,

Today we had a FABULOUS day Alhumdululilah!

Reading: Students worked on maintaining stamina while reading to self. Masha'Allah today we   maintained our reading stamina for 30 minutes! Keep up the great work 2B! While students were reading, some students took turns to read to me and answer questions about what they read (DRA).

Spelling: Students did their spelling quiz on lesson 5 today and the bonus words were to write 3 common and 3 proper nouns.We  also completed lesson 6 in our spelling books, where we did review exercises for lessons 1-5. 

Language:   The new hijri year already started last Wednesday, Alhumdulilah.This year, we wanted to achieve a spiritual hijrah. Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) migrated from not knowing to belief in Allah, and from injustice to justice. Our students are encouraged to decide on what spiritual migration they need to do (i.e. migrating from dishonesty to honesty, from disorganization to organization, from being distracted while praying to  becoming focused during prayer). On Friday, we talked about how we can perform spiritual migration by setting a goal to fix our shortcomings as a person. Afterwards, each student wrote down their goals for the new hijri year in their journals, Masha Allah.

Math: Students are practicing how to create and extend different growing patterns using a T-Chart and 3 Column Chart. You can help your child by using the following example at home:

Science: We reviewed characteristics of birds as a class. Then, we discussed why birds are unique creatures amongst animals. Afterwards, students started to complete an All About Birds worksheet independently in their science folders.

  • Spelling test on "lesson 6" "Review=lessons1-5 will be on Monday in shaa Allah
  • Students took home their spelling workbook to practice for the review" lesson 6".
  • Sign the Quran rubric paper & return it to school by Thursday.
  • Homework pack# 2 is due Thursday,October 22,2015.
  • Please sign your child's spelling quiz and send it to school tomorrow.
  • Hot lunch forms deadline is tomorrow!

Have a wonderful evening!