Thursday, 29 October 2015

Classwork and Reminders

Assalamu Alaikum,

Today we had a great day alhamdulilah!

Language:Students learned how to write a simple sentence (A simple sentence expresses a single complete thought). It must have a capital letter at the beginning, a noun, a verb, and must  end with a period. Keeping these things in mind, students wrote 5 simple sentences in their journals and underlined the nouns and verbs in their sentences. They did a wonderful job, MashaAllah!

Math: In the beginning of math class, we filled up an exit slip about repeating and growing patterns. On the slips, we wrote what we have learned about patterning.

Then, we discussed as a class what we know about 10s and 1s and completed an activity about tens and ones in our math workbooks.

Gym: For gym class, we went to the public park and students played cooperatively with their friends.

Science:Today students started to learn about Insects. They watched a video about physical characteristics of insects and then took part in a discussion. Students also finished a worksheet where they labelled different body parts of insects and wrote down the names of different types of insects.

  • Students have a spelling quiz on Monday on the list words:
                    save, lake, face, same, gate, rake, tape, sail, paint, afraid.
  • Homework pack #4 is due next Thursday.
  • Please read the parent letter for the new unit on "Exploring Numbers".
  • Sign your child's agenda.
  • Practice Surah Al-Ghashiyah, Ayahs 6-10 for Quran Class.
Have a wonderful evening!