Tuesday 1 December 2015

Class Updates, Homework and Reminders

Assalamu Alaikum,

We had a wonderful day today and yesterday Alhamdulilah!

Spelling: Today students wrote their spelling quiz on lesson 11 (long vowel e), and the bonus was to write 3 adjectives about popcorn.

We worked on lesson 12 which is a revision of lessons 7 to 11.

Grammar: Yesterday we went over what adjectives are, and we did a graffiti activity where students pasted different pictures on chart paper, and they went around the class in groups to write as many adjectives as they could to describe the pictures. After each group got to describe all the pictures, we crossed out the words that were not adjectives, and students selected the best adjectives that described the nouns.


Language: We started to learn how to write compound sentences. We did an activity as a class where students (in pairs) got a sentence strip. They had to sort it into a simple and compound sentence.

Math: Yesterday students sat on the carpet and we completed a graph using TAILS as a class. Students answered different questions about the graph and we came up with different strategies to find the answer when comparing scales.
Today students worked in groups to make bar graphs using fruit loops. Each group got some fruit loops and their task was to  sort and count how many they had of each colour using tally marks, and make a bar graph.


Science:  We started to learn about the characteristics of Amphibians. First, we watched an educational video about Amphibians and then discussed the characteristics as a class.


Islamic Studies: Last week, we learned what a "Shining Treasure" is. Today we discussed about Angel Jabreel, The Quran, and Prophet Mohammad (S.A.W) in detail as a class and made mind maps about each topic.

  • Complete lesson 12 in your spelling book (due on Monday)
  • Record stamina on stamina track sheet.

  • Homework pack is due on Thursday!.
  • Razkids assignment is due on Friday!
  • Insha'allah we will be going to the book fair on Thursday. Today each student took home a flyer about it.
Have a great evening!