Sunday 20 December 2015

Class Updates and Important Reminders

Assalamu Alaikum,

Writing/Reading:  Students maintained stamina during "WORK ON WRITING." Their task was to write how they can inform people about skittles, to persuade people to eat skittles, and to use their imagination to write a story about skittles to entertain people.

Islamic Studies: On Thursday, the 4Bs joined us to teach us about wudu. Students worked in groups with the 4Bs where the grade 4 students acted out wudu, and the grade 2Bs had to figure out the mistakes they made. Grade 2B did a wonderful job, MashaAllah!


We learned about prayer and how it is the key to Jannah. We read the 2 lessons in our "I Love Islam" textbook about prayer and also learned the meaning of Khoshoo. We also made a salah board game and then played with our friends to review our knowledge about prayer.

Science Projects Slideshow: Please check out the amazing work all students did for their Science Project. Masha-Allah!

Gym: We went to the gym and played "Dodgeball" and Freeze Tag.

Computer Lab: We went to the computer lab where each student read a book on Raz kids. Then we played educational games!

Class Party:We had a great time socializing with our friends by eating an ice cream treat from Tr. Ibtissam. As well, we also ate cake and other yummy food during the goodbye party for Reema. She will be missed in the class and we all pray to Allah for success and blessings for her.

Have a great time enjoying the beautiful weather, going for walks, visiting the library,  and spending quality time with your children :) 

  • Students signed up for 30/50 books reading challenge during winter break. They are encouraged to make a reading chain with all the books they read during the winter break, due on January 11th,2016.(Instructions were sent home on Friday) Here is a reference picture of reading chain:
  • Students who didn't attend the PTI night took home their DRA results on Friday along with the reading bookmark for parents
  • Encourage your child to play the "My Salat Journey" board game to review what they learned about prayer in a fun way.
  • Students took home a salah tracker sheet to practice daily prayers during the winter break.
  • If you did not return the book your child borrowed for the project, please make sure you take it back to the public library.

Have a Wonderful