Thursday, 12 November 2015

Class Updates and Important Reminders!

Assalamu Alaikum,

The Academic Athletes of 2B's are working hard and having wonderful days in learning, Alhumdulilah!

Spelling:We completed lesson 9 in our spelling books where we learned new list words with the long vowel u.

Language:We are practicing how to distinguish between a complete sentence and a fragment sentence (incomplete sentence). Students did a sorting activity where they sorted complete sentences and incomplete sentences on a T-chart.

To further practice simple sentences and verbs, we completed an Angry Verb Writing Project in class. Yesterday each student picked their angry bird and wrote a short story about their bird and highlighted the verbs in the story. Today I conferenced with each student to see their rough copy and then they completed their good copy with a coloured picture of an angry bird. They all did an amazing job, Masha Allah!

Math:We completed page 15 in our math books after we figured out how many socks we are wearing altogether by making a T Chart (25 students are wearing 50 socks), students showed the number 50 in 4 different ways.

We also learned ordinal numbers  from first to twentieth by looking at the floors in a hotel. Students each took a hotel worksheet to write the ordinal numbers on each floor, colour the hotel, and attached at the back side of their agendas. In addition to this, they solved some word problems in their math journals on ordinal numbers!

Yesterday, students reviewed the inequalities in numbers (Greater than and less than) by watching a video. Then, they completed a worksheet independently. Today, students practiced greater than and less than on their white boards.

Gym:We did a graffiti activity about the 4 food groups in Gym class. Students rotated in their groups and took turns to write or draw examples of each food group. Then we played freeze tag in the gym!

Library: Yesterday we had a great time in our library lesson, getting to learn the first step of the researching process, and practicing to write questions we need to find answers to, so we are ready to start our project next week.

Insha'allah T. Hoda and I will be assigning the project to students next week, so you will know what your child is expected to do at home, and when his/her project is due. Tr. Nancy will be walking the students through each step of the project isA.

Estimation Station Activity:
Today Reema brought an estimation jar filled with Oreo cookies. Each group estimated the number of cookies in the jar(The Magic Number!) and wrote it on a post-it. At the end of the day, we counted and the group with the closest estimate got to eat more cookies than others! Yum!

  • Students have a spelling quiz on lesson 9 on Monday (long vowel sound u): rule, use, tune, mule, due, true, grew, few, you, cute
  • Students should also learn the spelling of first, second and third for Monday's spelling quiz.
  • Scholastic book order deadline is tomorrow! 
  • Students are grouped and named according to continents. They are required to bring information about their continent. The activity is due on Monday!